Friday, 21 October 2011

4.3 Epic Gem Recipes

Critical is addicted to gold blogs. How do you wean yourself off something intangible like a gold blog. Has anyone else also noticed more and more bloggers posting less frequently?

Anyway lets not digress and instead focus on today's topic which is, what option should you take with the new epic gem recipes.

Option 1: buy "good" cuts first then choose the rest (5 token cost for all)
Option 2: buy "good" cuts first then random the rest (5 token cost for early ones then 4 for the rest)
Option 3: randomly choose all the rest (4 token cost for all)

Most blogs are going with option 2. If Critical was still in the gem market he would go option 3.

Getting "good" cuts first (options 1 and 2) are the worse options because everyone and his momma will be getting "good" cuts, snatching raw epics from AH and posting up "good" cuts. Yes they will sell in high quantity but thats only an advantage if you can control supply and increase supply for example by mass prospecting. Inferno ruby cuts are great to have because you can mass prospect and mass list on AH and they will move. Epic raw gems can only be sourced in regular supply by buying direct from AH. The earlier you have a full recipe book the more barriers you can put up to fight against other pro goblins.

How's that for Critical's second non inscription topic. Is Critical wrong because he is not a gemmer? I have to admit gemming looks tempting ... maybe its time to leave glyphs to the scavengers. Or maybe try belt buckles.


  1. Critical -

    What about Option #4?

    My instinct would be to know the cuts you *want*, then start off getting random cuts and see how the drops go.

    If you're lucky, you'll get several of the ones you want for 4 tokens, then you at some point you can use 5 tokens to finish off your shortlist.

    This is pointless if you don't have many tokens, but I have lots so this is the approach I'll use. It also pretty much guarantees you'll get a few 'offbeat' cuts as well, which might be surprisingly profitable initially.

    Btw, good stuff, your blog and general presence. Excellent addition to what is out there.

  2. Yes Critical will do the unthinkable and change his answer to yours, thats a better option. Thanks for the nice comments.

  3. In terms of a reduction of gold blogs and posts; yes we have noticed. The Undermine journal advertised for new bloggers; A couple of websites have talked about how to set up a new blog.

    New blogs are (comparitively to the past) getting encouragement and support with their blogs. Readers benefit from different ideas and concepts; and can choose what works for them.

    In terms of gems, I will be attempting to exclusively use random cuts. My playstyle is not suitable for camping, and every other JC will be seeking 'best' cuts. I don't sell as many 'OK' to 'Bad' gems as I could best gems; but the margins are traditionally much higher.


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