Friday, 27 July 2012

Croda's Inscripion Guide - The Critical Review

Hola Critical Fans.

As promised here is the unbiased Critical review of Croda's Incription Guide Paid Version herein lovingly referred to as CIGPV.

The burning question first, would I the great Critical Goblin pay $5 for CIGPV? 

Thankfully the answer is yes. And the reason for this starts at Section 6: How I operate in the Inscription MarketI believe there are very few, if not nil, places where you can see exactly how a pro scribe runs his business. Everyone teaches theory and show their gold piles as the "proof" their theory works while few will actually show you their real routine. Of course that is understandable as how you run a profitable gold printing machine should really be kept as secret as possible. 

Imagine asking Foo or Mox, please document exactly how you run your glyph business and all your phat secrets, I'll give u 5 dolla. I have a feeling they might tell you to get stuffed (well maybe Foo might since he's gone to Eve). 

2 quick suggestions I would make if I could:
- upgrade to Royal Satchels and Illusionary Bags which will free up Crafter from being in the Sales team
- move 13h Podcasts closer to 16 Blog list (flows betta)

But thats nitpicking. All in all a very detailed guide covering all aspects of inscription. YOU GET CRITICALS SEAL OF APPROVAL! 


  1. I've never hid my methods. I told exactly how I ran my glyph business. Same for gems and chants both of which were far more important gold makers for me.

    BTW, I mostly play Eve now too. I might log into WoW once or twice a week (if I bothered to renew the sub that month) for a couple hours at a time but that's about it.

  2. Ok I retract my statement. Mainly resubbed to help guild liquidate gbank stuffs before they become worthless in mop. If I get really bored then see you guys in Eve =).


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