Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Super Glyph Shuffle

The sudden spate of glyphing posts on TUJ is making Critical itchy. Twitchie's 2 character post makes Critical super itchy. While a 2 character operation is nice, Critical says to go balls out, triple that and then plus one. Who can do this? Anyone who has a scribe, therefore basically everyone! Read on to see how Critical pwns his server with a stupidly ridiculously specialized glyph manufacturing team.

The below is the bare minimum, cheapest team you can work with: 6 level 1's and a high level scribe. Yes I know 7x 85s with 310% flying speed for fast movement between AH and mailbox is moar gooder but we dont all got full sets of 85s.

1) Buyer:
- can be a level 1
- 4x Hyjal Expedition Bags (36 slot herb bags)
- sits at an AH
- buys herbs only
- when ready to mass mill, automail herbs out to Scribe

2) Scribe:
- your high level, main scribe who has (or should be learning religiously) all glyph recipes
- maybe as low level at 75? (to be confirmed)
- used for 4 jobs, mass milling, mass BF inks, and mass glyph restock and mass infernos as described below:

a) Mass mill:
- 4x Illusionary Bags (26 slot normal bags)
- mass mill high level herbs only
- push/automail ashen pigments to Holder 1 
- push/automail burning embers to Holder 3 

b) Mass afk BF inks:
- 4x Royal Scribe's Satchels (36 slot inscription bags)
- log into Holder 1, push/automail ashen pigments to Scribe
- log into Scribe, unload ashen pigments from mailbox, mass afk ink craft 
- push/automail BF inks to Holder 2

c) Mass restock (see half way down how Restock is done):
- 4x Royal Scribe's Satchels
- log into Holder 2, push/automail BF inks to Scribe
- log into Scribe, unload BF inks from mailbox and mass restock
- automail glyphs to Seller 1 and 2

d) Mass inferno inks:
- 4x Royal Scribe's Satchels
- log into Holder 3 and in the mailbox click Return to Sender all the burning embers
- log into Scribe, unload burning embers and mass afk craft into inferno inks
- dump in a guild bank for DM card creation later

3) Holder 1 (ashen pigments):
- can be a level 1
- zero bags
- holds all ashen pigments in mailbox until you are ready to mass afk BF ink craft on Scribe
- open mailbox, click Return to Sender for all the ashen pigments which will push them back to Scribe

4) Holder 2 (BF inks):
- can be a level 1
- 4x Royal Scribe's Satchels
- holds all BF inks in mailbox until you are ready to craft glyphs
- click Unload All, this will fill up your Satchel's with BF inks
- stop unloading
- push/automail out the BF inks in your bags to Scribe
- if too many inks go to Scribe, replace one of the Satchels with a smaller bag so that a smaller quantity of BF inks gets pulled down from the mailbox

5) Holder 3 (burning embers):
- can be a level 1
- zero bags
- holds all burning embers in mailbox until you are ready to mass afk inferno ink craft on Scribe
- open mailbox, click Return to Sender for all the burning embers which will push them back to Scribe

6 and 7) Sellers 1 and 2:
- can be level 1's
- 4x Royal Scribe's Satchels
- unload glyphs sent from Scribe
- sells all glyphs for 5 classes each (excluding the bad 28)
- sends all gold to Buyer

Too hard? See Critical's patent pending fugly cheat sheet below!

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  1. While it would be convenient to dedicate 7/10 (11 with Mop?) toons to glyphs; it's a little impracticable if you want to maximize the number of professions on one account.

    I have :
    1 horde glyph seller with guild bank
    1 alliance glyph seller with guild bank
    1 JC/enchanter raiding toon
    1 Scribe/Engineer raiding toon (yes engineering is poor for gold but usefull in raids)
    1 Gem seller (alliance side)
    1 misc junk seller.

    I have 2 of CG's toons; but dont have room for all 7.

    I also found that posting all glyphs on one toon to take an equivalent amount of time as logging in/out (sometimes that blue scrollbar boss takes forever).

    To make it a little easier only have 10 bags worth (360 glyph types) of glyphs; that means you don't have to rescan/repost one bags worth.

    To collect glyphs: While glyphs in mailbox exist
    * get glyphs from mailbox (tsm can bulk collect)
    * macro a dump into personal bank;
    * ditto for guild bank;
    * repeat

    After all glyphs are collected; pick up the glyphs from the guild bank (again a macro); and fill up with personal bank;

    Sort your personal bank (bankstack addon)
    collect mail; dump back into personal then guild bank

    post 4 bags of glyph auctions
    run to bank; swap 4 bags with bank (3 with glyphs one empty); and post auctions
    run to bank; swap 3 bags with bank (keeping empty bag) and post auctions.

    While a camper might prefer 3 toons all on to do posting (and it is much quicker) I have never found the need to have 3 accounts running at the same time.

  2. Good to see you back Critical.

  3. don´t forget that the fastest way to post glyphs is to multibox with 4 accounts!

    Seriously, I think this setup is too much, there is no reason for Holder 1 not to do the job for holder 3 or even the job of holder 2 as well. Or why a seperate buyer, you could buy the herbs with your scribe as well. (unless you really don´t want anyone to know who he is)

    I also agree with Foo, posting on 1 toon and using something like dumpster to move glyphs from bank to bags is at least as fast as logging between 2 toons, unless of course you do it simultaneously on several accounts.

  4. interesting method.

    how about the scribe is also the buyer of the herbs which also owns a guild bank and can also post glyphs for 3 classes. then all you need is two other sellers of 3 classes and one other seller of the final class and all the off hands.

    the only mailing you then need do is to automail the glyphs to your sellers from your scribe.

  5. i now have a horde and ally scribe so i can mill double the herbs i could before in the same time!

    I might faction change one of my hordies to an ally and/or level up a hordie on 2nd account so i can millx2 on same faction.


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