Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Top 5 Reasons You NEED to Subscribe TODAY! (NSFW)

After intensive surveying and sending out thousands of questionnaires and collating answers (no not really), here are (in quick fire format) the Top 5 Reason You Should Subscribe to Critical's Blog Today!

5) Updated daily (unless I get reamed and need a couple of days quiet time to reflect)

4) Ad free

3) Pro topics/discussions, no "guess what I bought for 1g and some noobie bought for 1,000g!" posts

2) Critical has an opinion and loves to share it.

And lastly:

1) Hot girl pics!!!! (ok not really only just this one time)

Where else can you get a daily dose of Critical's opinion on pro discussion topics, ad free with a side of hot girls thrown in every once in a while. ONLY ON CRITICALS THATS WHERE! CLICK THE SUBSCRIBE BUTTON UP TOP TODAY!

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