Monday, 14 November 2011

Critical's War (Day 10) - Weekend Triple Walls

Day 9 of Critical's War on Terror

The original plan was to tank the market during the most busy period of the week thereby reducing everyone's GPH and encouraging as many glyphers to quit as possible. But as you can see from this Gladiator update, everyone seems to be taking a break hence squeezing the market further not really required.

So today's post is a little special. Aim is to demonstrate a clean cut execution of triple walls (nothing else). Here's the new plan:
- pull all glyphs down from AH and start from scratch/zero
- load up triple walls once neatly and leave them alone for the whole weekend ie no cancelling or relisting
- only open wow after the 48hr period ends and see what sort of sales figures were achieved
- walls will be set as 3x 25g, 5x 39g, 4x 99g @48hrs

Cancel all glyphs.

Unload cancelled glyphs.

Send gold across to Buyer.

Week 2 - 2 days worth of sales.

3 x 25g wall settings

5 x 39g wall settings

4 x 99 wall settings
21 minutes actual posting time required!!

Time to leave auctions alone, take a break from wow for 48 hours and see you after then!


  1. You said start small.. how would you suggest I start small?

  2. I dont think i said start small? I think i said dont bite off more than u can chew, but that is relating to starting off world domination by crafting full stacks of glyphs when its safer to start with smaller inventory stacks and build upwards.

    Try floors and ceilings, starting with:
    - 48hrs
    - 4 per glyph
    - threshold 25g
    - fallback 40g
    - undercut 8g

    Then after 24hrs lower your thresholds/fallbacks/undercuts. And again in 24hrs after that.

    There are a lot of examples on this blog exactly how to do this. Like a billion. Because Critical is a 1 trick (walls zomg!!!) pony and thats all this blog is about.

  3. Soo... in 24 hours.. craft 4 more of every glyph.. and then lower the stuff.. and then 48 hours.. lower it all again?

  4. You've probably already answered this somewhere but screw the rules, I'll ask anyways! The addon for mail that's estimating how long it will take to open it all is . . .? I don't recall seeing any ETA in Postal.

  5. @Faid it's Mailopener

    @Metamora I like your questions but they are all over the place. Have a read on ceilings and floor, if u still have questions I'll load up a Metamora's Glyphs and give u specialized (free!!) help.

  6. Did I hear someone say "free, specialized help"?


  7. Ya havnt u seen my Glyph Case Studies. Critical is so desperate to help he blogs about problems discussed on the consortium forums. Admitting only the interesting ones ie inscription discussions.

  8. @Meta, oh ya i did say start off small, just found my comment where i said that.

  9. Soo.. I load up on Metamora's Glyphs.. wtf? I am so lost! Teach me your ways master.

  10. Sorry, Metamora's Glyphs is Critical blog lingo for a post dedicated to Metamora ie you. Kinda like: How-Tos are step by step guides and Blog Stats are a weekly snapshot of blog statistics (duh). Critical likes to make up his own lingo.

    For example:

  11. Oooh.. Ok! Lets do it! I also have ventrilo for easier communication as I am sure I will get more lost.

  12. No vent or TS because Critical has a girly voice. Also no one else can learn/study if we dont share as a Case Study.

  13. Ah, found a place for my question: how do you show more than one person for sales in TumJ? I've tried quotes, commas, etc.



    BAM, just like that.

  15. The url (doh!), thanks.

    And wow are we in different time zones.

  16. Yea, Critical lives in the great N Z.

  17. walls will be set as 3x 25g, 5x 39g, 4x 99g @48hrs

    This adds up to 666g buyout for reset. Hilariously evil.

  18. A+ for taking out the pocket calc and doing the maths!


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