Friday, 11 November 2011

Critical's War (Day 7)

Day 7 of Critical's War on Terror

So yesterday was the first day of loading up clean triple 3-glyph walls. Herb prices still too hot, not aiming to squeeze or rock the boat. Plan is to leave the triple 25g, 39g, 89g walls alone and load up a single wall 4x 24g underneath.

triple 3-glyph walls booya.

6 days of sales.

Settings for a single 4x 24g wall.

Pow pow wall up.

Tsk tsk, lazy lazy Crafter.

Send sales income to Buyer.

Buy some more medium price herbs =(.

BF AFK time nite nite!


  1. I'm surprised how well this is going, keep it up!

  2. really liking this :) I wish I could move stock like you though if only to keep up the Inferno ink production. I'm getting maybe 150 glyphs sold each day even after two weeks of ceilings/floors.

    on a good note, one of my main competitors has thrown in the towel for now! Missile/Ui has not posted a single glyph in over a week, and Bottomless is only posting to fill in the gaps when I miss a couple hours of coverage. There are still some small fries that are trying to offload leveling glyphs and other randoms but nobody is really challenging my prices anymore.

    During my posting cycles I am starting to see glyphs that are being posted at 35g fallback with nobody else selling it, should I try and bump that up or just keep a uniform ceiling?

    I'm currently planning to keep the low floor for another week then start creeping up. The only thing that makes me hesitant is again, the low sales volume. Hopefully with new patch changes people will change things up and buy new glyphs.

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  4. On Malygos how do I combat super low glyph prices? Like glyphs under 10g..

  5. Thanks Xsin, im surprised too!

    @Al, good to hear an update of your battle.

    Sounds like you're still doing ceilings and floors and u want to try increasing the 35g ceiling. Trying stuff doesnt hurt and you'll know quite quickly whether its a good idea or not. What i am guessing will happen is, if you raise it too high your glyph comps will come back because they will see glyphs at for example 90g and want those sales. See maybe creep up 10g at a time and find the "sweet spot".

    Or another tactic to try instead is triple short walls:
    2x 18g (or some price a few gold above your current floor)
    2x 35g
    2x 90g

    - popular glyphs will sell stock faster and hit the 90g ones
    - the low and mid walls will camouflage and falsely still show the price to glyphers as 18g when they scan
    - use short walls if you reload auctions often ie the next day you will play wow and relist auctions (tall walls ie 4, if you want to leave everything running for 48hrs)

    @Metamora, you cant counter super low prices which are often the result of someone leveling inscription and trying to convert glyphs back into gold even at a loss. Thats why Critical always preaches crafting and selling all glyphs (at least the most popular 316), so that cheap levelling glyphs being dumped wont affect your major league operation.

    Cheers guys for reading and asking questions!


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