Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Metamora's Glyphs

No Critical War update today, as you can see glyph walls are still down (as of time of posting). Today's post is a quick one getting Metamora started on his long journey ahead.

Facts according to OP:
- Meta can craft all glyphs
- he resides on Malygos

Critical has recommended floors and ceilings, starting with:
- 48hrs
- 4 per glyph
- threshold 25g
- fallback 40g
- undercut 8g

So where is Meta at now? I hope he has loaded up first round of floors and ceilings and been patient and left them alone. His question is:
"Soo... in 24 hours.. craft 4 more of every glyph.. and then lower the stuff.. and then 48 hours.. lower it all again?"

Not quite Meta. Below are some quick notes and suggestions:

1. start with lets say 16 of each glyph
2. do one round of ceilings and floors with the above settings
3. wait 24hrs do not do anything (cancel/relist etc)
4. at 24hr mark also do not cancel (leave the already up auctions alone) and post round 2 with the following settings:
- 48hrs
- 4 per glyph
- threshold 22g
- fallback 35g
- undercut 7g
5. wait another 24hr again do not cancel in between and at the 48hr mark post round 3 (let the auctions expire naturally)
- 48hrs
- 4 per glyph
- threshold 18g
- fallback 25g
- undercut 8g

What the above will do is squeeze glyph prices down slowly over 2 days to a suffocating price point which only pros will not be scared of. After round 3 wait 24hrs and then come back, do a status scan and look on TUJ to see who is undercutting your already low floor. You'll see some common/regular names come up. Then try to find out who and what sort of glyphers they are. If you havn't yet read through Critical's foundation posts, this is an important one. If you want to see exactly how Critical does the above, start at the beginning of Critical's War and look at the first few days.

The above prices are suggestions, feel free to tweak the numbers and experiment. There is a big difference between herb prices on Alliance (1.17g whiptail mean) vs Horde (2.52g whiptail mean).

I know sometimes Critical issues out very high level advice, mainly because this blog is aimed at pro-glyphers. Just ask questions if you dont understand certain parts. One of Critical's favorite quotes is "if you don't ask, you don't get".


  1. Loving the experiment so far; may even try it out on some alts (beginning to build up stock). And nice, it looks like about 1200 in sales.

  2. So.. I need 16 of every glyph.. OMG.. :(.. Grr.. lol thats a crap ton! Lol!

  3. Presumably the counter strategy for one of the scribes who sees the bottom fall out of their market has a result of the above is to furstly take the glyphs close to cost price and then move to an alternative market (everyone should have a backup market or two) and then move back into inscription when the above war is over. Let the other players do the heavy lifting for the much much lower profits.

    Or is the point here to perminantly reset prices lower?

    One should never confuse a player stepping back from a market with player leaving a market.

    Good blog though, like reading your strategies.

  4. what would you recommend for a glypher who has no floor? i have used the floors and celings and now currently employ a glyph wall to hold prices at the bottom of my threashold but one toon stands out at undercutting no matter the price.


  5. @Arcanademorg,

    Force them down to below production costs, buy them out and resell? If they buy you out, then you can slowly raise the floor back up (I like 5% above the last purchase price so if they undercut they're reselling your glyphs they bought out for their cost-list fee/ah cut :) )

  6. @Meta, ok u now have permission to start small =).

    Quick notes before I shoot off to work:
    1. Try an inventory of 6 per glyph and post stack sizes of 2 per round
    2. Dont drop the prices in round 2 and 3 until u have more inventory
    3. Any and all profit, reinvest all back into your glyph business by buying more herbs and increasing your inventory to 7 for all glyphs, then 8 then 9 ... keep going until 20.

    @everyone else, you're not forgotten just gotta run! Dont wanna lose my burger flipping job!

  7. I have a noob question for CG, or any other intelligent being reading this... I suse TSM for posting glyphs. I created a "Glyph" list that includes the top 316 glyphs I plan to sell. How do I use that same list to create a crafting list or que? When I open up TSM crafting window, I cannot locate any buttons to que groups.

    Thanks in advance.

  8. Azz, Here's how I did mine; first, I'll have to assume that you downloaded the appropriate TSM modules (Core and Crafting). So, I open up TSM and am greeted with 4 boxes on the right and 9 on the left (left being for crafting). I select the Auctioning/Groups options, click on Categories/Groups on the left and then the tab marked create category/group. I chose to do a category of glyphs and a group called glyph sell. Now we select the group and check on group overrides. Here's where we set-up the global 'how we do things' (fallback, threshold,etc). Now we're set with a single group that can sell all glyphs; now to populate. Be on your inscriptionist and selct the left hand side labelled Crafting-Inscription. You should be seeing a list of the various classes there. What I did was select each one individually and select the Additional Item Settings. If you want the default group settings, you just need to select which group to add to, otherwise you can override max restock to set what you want to but still, need to select a group to add it too. Now individually is the way I did it because I did it as I learned it however, I do believe that there is a mass way of doing this in your case. Create the group first like I said (gotta have it), then go to the inscription crafting, select the first (Warrior), Enable all crafts (you'll need to uncheck the ones you dont want to do), then create auctioning groups (at the top). Group to add crafts to I believe is the one you want and have the Obly Include Enabled Cratfs checked. Do this for each of the class of glyph and that should do it. Hopefully that answers your question.

  9. Darn, wish I could have edited out those massive misspells...

    Oh well

  10. Awesome Nigel, thanks for the lesson. I will work on this after my raid, or tomorrow.


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