Thursday, 17 November 2011

Arcanedemog's Glyphs (Real Floor)

Arcanedemog asks:
What would you recommend for a glypher who has no floor? i have used the floors and ceilings and now currently employs a glyph wall to hold prices at the bottom of my threshold but one toon stands out at undercutting no matter the price. 

Ok Critical admits he corrected some spelling and grammar, but 99.9% is what he posted. Quick fire Critical comments:

1. All glyphers have a floor. We pros refer to it as the "real floor". There are 2 ways to define a glypher's real floor:
- it is the price that he stops undercutting you at eg you post a solid wall (all glyphs) at 15g, and he stops undercutting. 15g is his real floor.
- it is the price that he buys out your glyphs eg you post a solid wall at 14g, he starts buying out some of your glyphs (the ones he thinks are popular and can be resold for profit). 14g is his real floor.

You havnt found his real floor because, to use an extreme example to prove a point, if you drove prices down to 5g he would be buying you out left right center.

2. The reason why you havnt found his real floor could be because you have not dropped your wall prices low enough. You may not have dropped your prices low enough because you have poorer Buying skills than him, and have a high craft cost therefore your own real floor is high and you cannot afford to drive the price down to find out your competitor's real floor.

3. If he can continue to post glyphs lower than you it usually means one of 2 things:
- he has a better Buy/Make Team than you and can craft cheaper
- your walls are not robust/solid/clean enough, and hes getting some high sales through some holes in your walls and he's doesnt mind selling other glyphs super cheap to annoy/drive/squeeze other competition.

Critical Advice? There are 3 departments to run a successful and competitive glyph business. 90% of glyphers focus on the Selling team. You need to definitely work on having a better Buying team (and maybe Making while you're at it) than your competitor.



  1. Well i do admit i have not learned all the glyphs but i have watched him compete against people who are dumping training glyphs on the market and driven prices down to 3g! BF ink goes for an average of 6-7g a ink but some of the old herbs can be aquired depending on the ink for as low as 1g a ink. (ink of the sea 5g)the inferno ink goes for 10g so its not entirely benificial to glyph and sell ink but with the darkmoon cards not selling on our server thats about all you can do.

    well i will wait until after i have all the glyphs and see if this changes the game for him. either way i will let you know how it works out :)


  2. Also the competitor may just be leaving the market and trying to sell at any price above vendor price. I tend to see this at the end of holidays or after a period of intense competition as a player leaves the market.

    Odd how th inferno ink can go down to 10g yet the BF ink is up at 6 - 7g though unless there concerns on the darkmoon cards post the patch.

  3. Oh sorry, i should have mentioned shimmering ink is the one below 1g.

    Im pretty much a wow-aholic and keep an eye on the market from my droid mobil app. buying the cheepest hearbs and driving up herbing price isnt a issue for me although im sure they do get some cheep herbs too. I just didnt give it enough thought, there are still a few glyphs i dont have and those must be keeping his head above water.



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