Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Business Team

Building on last week's post, Critical says: operate glyphs as a business (B) and you will become a millionaire.

Now in its most simplest form glyphs is a 3man business.
1. Buyer - his job is to source and buy correct raw materials at the right price.
2. Maker - his job is to make the right product.
3. Seller - her job is to sell product at the right price.

Now lets pit my team vs your team, Capcom vs Marvel style:

If everything else is perfectly equal but my Purchasing Officer can buy raw materials (herbs) at a cheaper price than your team ... I win. The same naturally applies to the other two departments.

Anything and everything to do with glyphs can be categorized into one of these 3 roles. 

Ok Critical homework for today: Set aside a few minutes and think about how your team is performing. Now the fun part: brainstorm. Figure out, how could you make them stronger. Remember there is ALWAYS a way to do things better.

Catch ya tomorrow, Critical out.

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