Thursday, 1 September 2011

Owning the glyph market - 4.2

Hi Visitor, welcome to the one place Critical cant be muzzled. Maybe one day Critical will do a rewrite of the original write up but for now feel free to visit Foo's house: original version here.

Just a quick update to CG's method, new item in game: Royal Scribe's Satchel

Instead of 3 posting characters use 2 by:
- buying 8 Royal Scribe's Satchel and giving 4 to each posting character
- figuring out your worse 28 selling glyphs and dropping these from craft/mail/auction groups 
Why 28?
36slots x 4 bags + 16 default bag slots - 1 hearthstone - 1 empty slot = 158 slots per character
157 x 2 chars = 316 slots
Total glyphs in game = 344
344 - 314 =28

You could choose the 3 worse selling glyphs for each class (3 x 10 classes = 30) or simply choose the 28 worse sellers on your server. There are easily 28 glyphs that no one buys unless they are <10g, dont waste a character slot and time for these "loser" glyphs.

Critical does wonder, has anyone actually had success? Or has Critical overestimated how magnificently powerful this method is. /sigh, only you the reader knows. 
Oh well off to read more blogs. Critical out.

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  1. For this approach, Hearthstones are not needed for glyph posting toons. Empty slot is no longer required with TSM. This gives you 4 extra slots in your 2 toon posting model.

    For me the question on 1 vs 2 vs 3 toons is does time for logging off/on exceed time saved by not running back to bank/guild bank, and whether or not you have the toon to spare.


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