Monday, 19 September 2011

Blog Stats Week 2

For the week (7 days) ending 17 Sep 2011.

Don't quite feel I'm hitting the right note with the content of this blog or this character. Has Critical strayed outside his Hedgehog Circles. I know I preach some out of the box concepts/mindsets, are they too out-of-this-world for most readers? Maybe its time to get back to basics.


  1. Whether you are hitting the right note or not, keep hitting them.

    Google analytics only shows browser based views. It may not show RSS traffic.

    Look at your traffic sources. On my site:
    * 9% comes from direct traffic;
    * 9% comes from search engines (1/2 of searches include the word foo)
    * the rest comes from referrals.

    Of my referrals, 80% comes from the undermine journal.

    If you have not yet asked to be put on the undermine journal blogroll, do so.

    Note. Your blog is only new. Established linking sites like the undermine journal have a stated policy of preferring blogs that have been around for 3 months. (I know that I do). The number of blogs that start with a flash, get discouraged, and disappear is significant.

    Maintaining a blogroll/list takes effort, most of which can be avoided by only linking to blogs that are 3 months or older.

    Finally, I run a mix of content.
    * Basic : good for new players.
    * Advanced : good for the established regular reader.
    * Topical & time dependant. Great for google hits. My most read article, by a huge margin, was how to fix an auctioneer bug. Patch related speculation or reporting are also very well read.
    * Because I can. Bad for readership. So what!? I write them because *I* want them read.

    Anyway. Keep it up. Apart from a couple of exceptions (Cold vs Marco), blogging is a 'positive sum game'.


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