Monday, 12 September 2011

Blog Goal

I have previously described the objective/purpose of this blog. Now its time for Critical to set a goal for this blog. Remember, always aim high.

Ok here goes:
"To be the best and most popular blog on selling glyphs"

Best is a bit subjective but popularity should be assess-able. Hopefully weekly recaps show Reader interest improving.


  1. Keep writing.

    Significant blogroll maintainers are a slow bunch, in part out of self preservation.

    There are a lot of blogs that begin with a splash, and die away. You have already passed the first hurdle, with over a dozen posted articles. The next hurdle seems to be the three month mark. Get to three months and keep an eye out for bloggers asking for new blogs to link to.

    The more active voices there are in the blogosphere, the more we are all read. I also write better articles when I have someone to spar with.

  2. I don't actually care about glyphs yet cause my scribe is only 53 and my server has at least 4 glyph-titans on it who ruthlessly crush us toe-dippers.

    I keep visiting so I can read the humourous interplay between you & Foo :)


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