Thursday, 29 September 2011

Critical v2.0

Ok, /deep breath. Ya'll can stop with the hate emails now I get the point. Let's try toning it down a notch and giving it another go.

Meet the new Semi and a Tad-Less Critical Goblin.
I dont quite know how I am going to be brutally honest without the brutality. I guess I just have to keep reminding myself Critical is not like her twin brothers: Nasty and Jerk Goblins. Be cool be nice. Be cool be nice. Ok I'm calm.

I think I will start off by keeping my nose out of other people's business and blogs. God help me if I see a glyph post, arghh!!!

Foo: I'm holding you to your promise of a guest post. I believe you once asked for historical DM trinket pricing. Obviously you were wanting it for the analysis posts immediately after that request so this does come a few months late. But if I dug real deep and pulled out my raw sales data all the way back from Faire 1 and then somehow presented it in an interesting fashion, maybe it might be of interest to your readers? 


  1. (A) Don't give up on calling other blogs posts. They make for the highest rating posts. However, play the topic, not the personality.

    (B) I would love to; however I don't run a public email, nor do you. Leave a comment with how to contact you privatly on an old blog post on my site (they are moderated, so won't automaticlly be published), and I will be in touch.

  2. Aw foo u caught me out in my first blog lie. I have turned on displaying of my email, unsurprisingly its criticalgoblin at gmail dot com


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