Friday, 2 September 2011

Critical's Introduction

Who is Critical?

As you can see here, here, here and here Critical is an inscriptionist with a weird mad passion for glyphs and darkmoon cards and trinkets and strangely enjoys referring to himself in the 3rd person.

Critical also has alchemists, JC's and enchanters however they are dormant. For the time being anyway. No tailoring/lw/bs/mine/eng/cook/fish.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How many gold do you have sir?
I would be lying if I said Critical has 5 million gold. However if I had 20 million would it make my posts more "good"? Don't be one of those posters/commenters that love to slip in "well i has 1 trillion gold so your wrong".

Anyone with half a brain can level up 10x level 75's and do 20 minutes of alch transmutes and JC dailies daily netting a few k gold weekly. Judge Critical on the quality of his posts not on how much liquid gold he has.

2. What do you have against bloggers?
Nothing. As you can see Critical is himself a blogger. What I (and I am sure also a few other readers) dislike are padded posts and padding posts.

3. WTF is a padded post?
Good question. A padded post is a blog post that has 1 good tip but it is surrounded by filler words. Validation and verification is good. So is elaboration. Fluffing around and simply spewing words left, right and center is the reason readers skim your post, find the nut and click the X button on your browser tab without a single comment.

4. Ok so what is a padding post?
Well duh. Its obviously a post that contains zero value and is intended to "pad" and make your blog appear active.

I am glad you asked valued reader. There is no difference. Critical has turned on his blog machine. He has inherently become who he comments about.

If Critical really had to have a point of difference I would have to say he has strong opinions and more often than not, is not afraid to say if he dislikes your post and why. Unfortunately the more "bad" something is, the more discourteous he may become but time mellows all grumps.

6. How often will you share your "words of wisdom"?
My big brother Greedy advises to set a post goal. Critical would like to post daily during weekdays and take a holiday from critiquing in the weekends. Hows that for a non-committal semi half-arsed goal.

7. Come on, really how much gold do you have?
/sigh (Critical is a habitual sigh-er some readers may have already noticed). Maybe one day I will tell you my secret number. Just bear with me until I have enough to join the 250k club. Oops!

8. Ok ok enough rambling ... I'm bored
Thanks for dropping by! (yes i love Stokpile). Critical out.


  1. I have to say your comment here:

    "As to the exclamation points they make me feel powerful so I will continue using them! :P "

    Gotta love your readers Mox, made me grin.

    PS: dont u feel dirty having to defend wall strats =).

    made back in November still makes me laugh when i reread it :p !!!

    Just so u don't feel left out I relived this moment here on your blog so would feel the power!


    Hope that is enough power for ya :p !!!

    Since that post I have entered the gem market and make a nice profit! Having the gem cuts really help lol!

    If your ever Visiting Cairne Horde Side Look me up! It would be my honor to chat with ya!

    Boombury ^_^


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