Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Competition Assessment

Even Paris Hilton reads Art of War.

Sun Tzu talks about "Know your enemies and know yourself". The other guys selling glyphs are your competitors, your enemies. There is no shared profit on a glyph sale. Every sale someone else gets he took from you.

The objective of today's post is understand your competition.

Let's start with a few simple games.
1. Who are your main competitors? (name 4).
2. Now include yourself in that list and create a pecking order, from strongest (number 1) to weakest (number 5).
3. Look at all 5 and find the pattern, what are similar traits? (ie what do they do that makes them the top glyph sellers on your server)
4. Now figure out the differences (why number 1 is better than 2, why is 2 better than 3 etc)

You should now have an idea of who and what is in the market competing against you, and why they are successful.

Stick around for a slightly more comprehensive post tomorrow. Critical out.

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  1. Finally checked out your new blog after much referencing by Foo - have to say I love the humour! (you might not have intended it that way, but that's how I'm taking it)

    You two (and Breevok) are now my only must-reads. Kinda makes me want to move to Cael just to see what kind of trouble I could get into (don't worry, I hate glyphs!)


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