Friday, 23 September 2011

Glyphs on Faid's server

Argent Dawn has quite a nice tabard design:

Ok the real topic for this post today is the glyph market on the Argent Dawn server Alliance side, aka Faid's playground. Why? Because she has put a 30g ceiling on glyphs as a fantastic experiment resulting in very interesting market changes.

Remember class, the first job on the route to Total Glyph Domination is competition assessment.

I am guessing Kendran is Faid because of the 30g glyphs. Hmmm I would say the top active glyphers that stand out are:

- camper
- tiny undercut 5s
- non scribe (buy/make on diff char)
- also sells enchants, a few gems
- uses all herbs not just cata herbs
- medium threat

- medium camper
- tiny undercutter (3cp)
- single buy/make/sell char
- almost has all glyphs missing around 15
- posts 4 or 5 singles per glyph
- i think cancels and reposts (but no real proof)
- will sell all the way down to 9g
- medium threat

- camper
- tiny undercutter (1cp)
- 18g floor
- buy and make on a different char
- posts 2 singles per glyph
- probably quite used to choosing "good" glyphs and getting high sale prices
- medium threat

- lvl 85, maxed scribe all glyphs
- non camper
- posts 1 per glyph, fixed price (81g) naybe only "high profit" ones
- likely to get minimal sales maybe around 10-20 sold (400-800g per day?)
- minimal threat

Not too bad, she only has 3 serious players to share glyphs with (or not, depending how ambitious she is). Stick around, we'll examine Kendran in more detail and see if we can figure out this dwarf's achilles.

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  1. Yes Kendran is one of my scribes and my poster. :) The only person on this thread mentioned that has ever really been visible to me was Kodiakbob. Though the others have been present for some time they've never interacted with me, and since I'm not playing the undercut game anymore I don't notice the others much.

    Kodiak is an interesting guy. He has many other characters, all with Kodiak in the name, and he seems to fumble around in almost every market. I imagine he may profit, but I'm not sure. He tends to sell ridiculously large amounts of items (50+ enchant scrolls at a time, for example) and will undercut to the point that he's flat out told me is unprofitable for him just because that's how he likes to post.

    When I started my 30g ceiling he tried to make me out to be a bad guy and he would sell even cheaper. I can't recall exactly the message he kept spamming trade with, but it was something along the lines of "Don't suport the evil horde glyph master, selling all glyphs cheaper than kendran" or something like that. I didn't really care, since my goal isn't to get the sale, it's to keep the price down and he's just helping me do that.

    So there's some insight from my end. :)


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