Saturday, 8 October 2011

Glyph Walls Increase Sales

Well actually I just made that catchy title up. Glyph walls are the bomb though. Remember Undercutting was the new kid on the block and anyone and everyone's momma started learning how to do it? Walls are the new goblin skill everyone will need to master to stay competitive.

Faid's experiment continues however she has correctly picked up on the weakness of her current 3 glyph single wall strategy. A single 3 glyph wall @ 30g is easily defeated with 90g. Strong and multiple walls sufficiently spaced apart are the key to defending against a 90g buyout attack.

Remember, as with all plans always understand objective first. In this case the objective of implementing walls is to deny competition high sell prices ie keep 200g glyph sales as far out of their reach as possible. You cannot prevent, all you can do is discourage and delay eg they could buy out your walls completely for 2,000g if they really really want to.

(Just a quick digression for Readers very new to walls. A wall is an item posted in multiple stacks of 1 at the same price eg 10x infernos @ 30g is a wall)

To "win" you need to implement strong AND multiple AND correctly spaced walls.

Strong walls
- 1 glyph is not a wall
- 2 glyphs is a weak wall
- 3 glyphs is still semi weak
- 4 glyphs starts to resemble a solid wall
- 10+ is a strong wall

Multiple walls
- 2 walls are effective only if you use strong walls eg 2 walls x 6 glyphs
- 3 walls allows you to work with smaller wall sizes and still remain effective eg 3 walls x 4 glyphs
- 4 walls again allows you to work with smaller walls sizes again however obviously require more time eg 4 walls x 3 glyphs

Spacing between walls
- 2g gap is useless
- 10g gap is effective if you have a high number of walls eg 5 walls
- 20g gap allows you to post less walls eg 4 walls
- 30g gap allows you to post less walls again eg 3 walls

Below is a quick mockup example. For a competitor to reset the market he would have to pay 720g.

Balancing and fine tuning these 3 variables is a fine art. Not for the faint hearted I'm afraid.


  1. sounds like fun... nice to have a name for one of the techniques i have incedentaly used repeatedly...

  2. There have been only a few times that I have needed to use multiple walls.

    Solid walls are only crashed through by toons trying to reset a price. For me, a regularly re-inforced 6+ wall is solid.

    The other thing that has so far demoralised every player trying to crash a wall of glyphs is offering to sell them as many glyphs as they want.

    If you are making a profit, and they are crashing the wall, then encourage them to buy as many as they want. Easy money for you.

    Personally, I would sell under those circumstances. However, at no stage has someone ever taken me up on my 'generous' offer.

  3. I agree mutiple walls aren't usually necessary. You only need them when someone very aggressively tries to reset prices. That usually lasts about a week. The most persistent one I ran into spent over 500k trying to buy me out at 30g+ per glyph before giving up.

    Right now I'm doing something completely different and selling a lot of high priced glyphs.

  4. Aww come on foxy moxy whats ya secret. At least give us a taste if not the full battle plan.

  5. All I'll say for now is it's all about popularity and stealth.


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