Sunday, 16 October 2011

Triple Your GPH Instantly!

Critical needs to stop reading blogs and getting distracted all the time. How else will he finish his blog and cash in by converting it into an ebook to be sold for $5 a pop; Secrets to Dominating your Glyph market!

So here we have Midas explaining why he uses GPH. From a competitive point of view Critical loves reading about goblins using GPH as their basis for entering, leaving or remaining in a particular market. The counter is too easy, drop their GPH and insta-win!

But Critical does not reside on Malygos or Cael so you are not Critical's competitors so I will share my thoughts (Sapy, Shamanta, Discretetime and other glyphers on Tich H close your ears and eyes please).

We can all agree that GPH is like any other form of measurement eg miles per gallon or meters per second. It is just a measurement.

The trap that Critical doesn't want you my faithful Reader to fall into is setting a "good"/high GPH as your goal. It's like saying I want to have a job that pays $100,000 per year. Yes a $100k job is great but imagine you are the sole owner of the company that is paying those $100k salaries. Critical would rather be Ray Croc than the branch manager.

Thats why Critical says GPH is bad. Do you love working so much you want a second job inside wow on top of your 9-5? Didnt think so. Critical says build a bigger business not a higher salary.

PS: dont buy that Hit Gold Cap guide. They wont pay me a referral fee =(.


  1. Hi Critical!

    a) you darn right you drop my GPH and I go scurrying. To other things that "pay" to my standards.

    b) You think being a business owner means you don't have a GPH? Ray Croc sure had a GPH. Don't think for a second that the use of GPH means you have a salary, and refusal to use it means you don't. I guarantee you that YOU have a GPH.

  2. Yip Critical does have a GPH or he would be a dead corpse. He also has a m/s while walking and a mph while drive, as well as a farts per min which he probably shouldnt share.

    The probably Critical has is convincing Readers to think about the advice given to you by "pros" which is, if your profit drops down below an acceptable level/gph, take a break, keep monitoring and when prices go up jump back in. Alot of you think its good advice because its given by "pros".

    Dont take Critical's word, all Critical wants you to do is think about that advice and question it: is this good advice? Thats all.

    Thanks Readers for reading another Critical rant!

  3. Critical thinking is good advice.

    Lol as I began writing this note I just clicked through at the "GPH is bad" link you posted.

    I had the sneaky feeling yesterday you sounded kind of attached to Kiyosaki's quadrant (without ever seeing your post on it), and that you for some reason were thinking that GPH only applied to "E"s).

    If you have a system that makes you gold without you having to spend much time doing anything, you're in B, kudos, your GPH must be astronomical. Personally, I'm not in game nearly as often or frequently as I'd need to be to run a business. To a certain extent, the worst part of the work - herbing - is subcontracted (to the AH) anyway. Because I don't try to dominate the market, I can get all the herbs I need at very low prices.

    Don't forget also that there are plenty of smart Es out there, much smarter than Ss even. (Not everyone has the same priorities.) To take it a step further, there are plenty of Bs and Is that lose their shirts. Kiyosaki made a fortune selling books and motivational tapes.

    Make sure as a glyph "B" that you're not playing in the airline industry, where all companies lose money in the long run because it's not easy to leave :)

    Glyphs are not always the most profitable "business" going, as you know. Especially with advice to "stick in there at low profits" when the going gets tough ;)


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