Thursday, 27 October 2011

Fallback Glypher

This is a very interesting strategy. Admittedly Critical never used it but one of my last competitors did and I admire Shamanta for his thinking. Basically you create a single 1-glyph wall of all glyphs at a high fallback price maybe 250g, something like this:

This strategy "works" because you only need to sell 4 glyphs to earn an easy 1k. And out of 344 total glyphs its quite easy for popular glyphs to sell out of stock including a few of your ones for 250g.

It is also effective because it is quite hard to counter. To counter someone else who is using this strategy you need to load up multiple walls and completely make sure that they dont get a single sale. Even just 2 sales for 500g is fantastic profit margin if the glyphs cost 15g to make.

It took Critical 2 weeks of blocking and completely denying him any sales, to convince my Fallback Glypher to "take a break" from glyphs. If glyph competition is hot on your server, give this strat a try:
- single 1-glyph wall
- 48hrs
- all glyphs
- at maybe 300g or 250g

The great thing is you dont benefit from posting more often that once in 48hrs (because the sales will be super slow). I mean really, you gotta be a sadist to enjoy cancelling and reposting every few minutes.

Obviously the drawback is you're not gonna be making 10k daily sales but its a smart strategy if a serious goblin starts walling at low prices. It would be excellent for Faid at Stage 4 of said exit strategy. Stage 4 being when glyph stocks have reduced to 2.

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  2. I am very happy to have a high fallback. I generally get 3 or 4 sales at 250g+ per day; in addition to my lower sales glyphs

  3. On my server I do something very similar to this. I have a 500g fall back, its been this way since the change to glyphs, so no one thinks its weird. I have crafted once in the last 2 months and have made 400k just off of glyphs (didn't sell a lot of trinkets last time due to the holiday and depression of the market it caused on my server). For the most part there is no reason to wall on my server, I have the average ppg at a little more than 100g. Occasionally someone comes in and tries to wall, but I just buy them out, up to about 45g a glyph. The great part for me is that since I am "selling infernos to myself" I make back all of my gold spent on herbs + a tidy profit, before I even make a glyph, so as long as I am selling glyphs, I am making a profit.

    Now gem walling... thats wear the fun is... poor bastard campers have large incomes but minuscule profits on my server. Based on my own numbers, from analyzing tuj, and from talking to others the ROI on my server is 10%. And now I am keeping them from that 10% by walling anything that isn't red =). I wonder how long it will take them to figure it out.

  4. Right now I have been working the ceiling/floor setup for a little more than a week and im getting decent results.

    I have it set at 50g ceiling undercutting 15g at a time down to 15g and then reset back up to 50.

    Several people have sent me hatemail now :D and nobody has bought out my glyphs at all, however only one name has really gone away, 5 are being persistent. I am going to start squeezing harder today, dropping the ceiling to 40g.

    I also found a way to incorporate high fallback into this strategy, however it is hobbled by TSM. On the bottom of the auctioning group settings you can specify a Reset Method for how to post when items are below your threshold. you can set it to not post, post at threshold/fallback, or post at a custom value. sadly this custom value appears to be capped at 100g :( it works for me at the moment but its not great for normal glyph pricing.

  5. Not relevant, but seems like the best place to leave this.

    A month ago, I decided that I was going to buy a spectral tiger + cub (expected total price ~1M G) and started glyphing. I've been taking it easy (pop on twice a day, cancel-relist w/ small undercut, put up 4 of every glyph with 25g profit) while slowly picking up glyph recipes on my scribe, and now I'm about there, missing 5 random glyphs so I decided I should start ramping up. What are your recommendations for actually doing this?

    I've read your posts along with some others, and it seems like step 1 is to "floors and ceilings" and just try to drive out those that don't particularly care before trying to deal with the more stubborn players, but any advice about a long term plan would be appreciated.

    [A]-Tanaris, Whiptail 25g, Life 12-15g

  6. @L Yes Critical would start off with floors and ceiling. Be patient do it slowly over 2 days, this will flush out the 2-3 serious glyphers from the casuals. Then study them.

    Look at how they buy/make/sell then look at your own buy/make/sell procedures. Selling is only a third of the game.

    Maybe start with:
    Floor 20g
    Ceiling 50g
    Undercut 15g

    And reduce twice until your floor is 15 and ceiling is 30. Something like that.


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