Monday, 10 October 2011

Week 5 Blog Stats

I dont quite understand why (or how) Cold's blog is at the top of this list:

Anyways here's Week 5 in case anyone was actually interested:

Oh and guess who found his first geocache today? Yup. Call me Critical Nerd.

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  1. Hello Critical! I have been reading since I read about your deep undercutting comment conversation, and thought I might as well pop in and say hi.

    Cold is on the top because he has a very large blogroll and your blog has start appearing on it of late. I dont pay a great deal of attention to his content but i do enjoy having all the quality links right in one place.

    referring back to your "Only buy cata herbs" article, I agree with the idea that cocoa cola doesnt buy discount sugar and just pushes volume out, however I am having a hard time letting go of my deals.

    TSM always pops up with the lower herbs, and I have started skipping over alot, but when it comes to Ink of the Sea I am still getting a decent amount at great prices (ie goldclover/adders at 18g a stack). If I could get several hundred herbs at these prices, lets say 50-70 stacks, would you recommend the savings or just skip it all in favor of all cata?

    last comment, I read your article on glyph walls today and decided to give it a shot. I'm the only glypher that posts all of them so i didnt go straight to the bottom.

    Glyphs cost me ~18g to craft, and I am walling at 50, 40, and 30g, 3 glyphs each. this is the first day of walling, I will comment again on tues/weds with an update


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