Saturday, 22 October 2011

Solid Walls - Advance Strat

My second best buddy Mox (yes Foo you're still my BFF) doesnt like Critical's Solid Wall technique because it takes too much work. Critical agrees it does take work (actually time is probably the better descriptor), but keep in mind it's front loaded work.

front-load (frntld)
v. front-load·edfront-load·ingfront-loads
To concentrate costs or benefits in an/the early period.

A few short recaps and observations for Solid Walls plus the point of this post, a slightly different, albeit investment heavy, variation (see New Method below).

Drawback 1 - time consuming to load walls:
Basically yes you're going to need to spend anything between 10-30mins posting walls (depending how complex your wall plan is). But the good thing is, you only have to do this once every 2 days leaving the rest of your play time in that 2 day period free for fun stuffs ie no relisting even once! You're welcome!

Drawback 2 - long duration to empty mass unsold auctions:
Again yes you're going to need to spend alot of time unloading sold and unsold auctions. But the good thing is, even though you need about an hour per alt, it's real AFK time via MailOpener which will open and unload everything. Look ma no hands!

Drawback 3 - need to unload unsold auctions before you can post up walls:
If you post 3 walls of 4 glyphs out of a 20 stack that means there will only be 8 glyphs left in bag. After walls have expired, to neatly post again 3 walls of 4 you cant. You need to empty mailbox first. To Critical this is the biggest drawback of this strat (posting is easy, opening mail is even easier).

Critical has always advocated running 2 posting alts, each holding 157 glyphs x20, which ensures that you cover all glyphs excluding the least popular 9% glyphs (that dont sell for squat). The solution to drawback 3 is going to reveal how mad about glyphs Critical was prior to reset. The solution is to drawback 3 is:
2 pairs of posting alts.

Old method, one pair

Step 1: Load up walls using both posting chars.
Step 2: Wait until auction ends (requires patience) or manually cancel (if you get itchy)
Step 3: Empty mailboxes
Step 4: go to step 1

New method, two pairs

Glyphsellera - dru, war, dk, pal, lock
Glyphsellerb - mag, pri, rog, sham, hun

Glyphsellerx - dru, war, dk, pal, lock
Glyphsellery - mag, pri, rog, sham, hun

Step 1: Using Pair One who are holding full 20glyph stacks, load up walls.
Step 2: Let the glyphs simmer for 2 days, mmmmmmm yum.

[At this point if you are only using one pair you would have to wait for the auctions to expire, or manual cancel all glyphs and then empty mailboxes before moving to the next step]

Step 3: Ignore Pair One auctions and load up Pair Two (you can do this any time before or after Pair One auctions expire) and post Pair Two walls.
Step 4: Wait for Pair One auctions to expire and choose a good time to AFK auto open both mailboxes (maybe leave the first char opening while you head off to work and the second one as soon as you get back home).
Step 5: Go to step 1
Step 6: Wait for Pair Two auctions to expire and again choose "good" times to afk auto open.
Step 7. Go to step 3.

Advantage? You dont need to expire/cancel and collect Pair One auctions before re-walling. Just throw up Pair Two walls whenever you wish. Actually to be honest Critical was preparing to run 3 pairs (hmmm you know its time to make some changes if you are thinking of crafting and holding 60 of all glyphs).

Well to be honest Critical has a hard time convincing Readers to work with full stack glyphs of 20. No way are you guys going to craft 40 ... unless you have 5 mil sitting around doing nothing. Why not convert 60-80k into a second set/pair of glyphs. Cheap investment for the flexibility you will gain.

Crazy out of the box advance strats? Yup Critical's is the right place.


  1. I go about my posting/cancelling/mailboxing in a much more casual manner.

    One character, 11 Royal Scribe Satchels. Yes it does take a while to load/unload, however its fairly convenient with mail opener to loot the mail until full and then dump into the bank with BankStack and repeat. while looting the mail I usually catch up on news or play a round of TF2.

    When it comes time to post, I load up my bags, do a set, then swap out 4 bags from the bank, post, and finally swap out the last 3 bags.

    I realize that this takes significantly longer that splitting between two alts and cutting down inventory to fit into two cycles. However I am ADD (yea yea don't wanna hear it) and have some pretty serious organizational skill deficiencies, so it helps alot to keep everything to one character.

  2. That's not casual, thats organised =).


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