Monday, 24 October 2011

Week 7 Blog Stats

Stats for Week 7 ending 22 October 2011. Numbers have dropped compared to week 6 =(.

On a separate note I figured out how to load a feedburner counter:

43 sexy readers. If you havnt yet please click the counter and Subscribe! Hmmm still a long way to go to get to Greedy's 4,151 readers. Damn you big brother!

Update: just had a look again today on Mox's advice, one of the figures has changed strangely (no idea why):

Grabbed another screenie as well while I was in Analytics which shows returning vs new. Donno if this is a good thing or bad:

Pageviews for posterity:


  1. Check your stats again. The last 5 days of pageview stats suddenly disappeared from my blog.

    Wondering if the same happened to everyone?

  2. Just had another look (see update), unique viewers went down! =/

    /shrug blog stats are only interesting to other bloggers anyway. Mainly want to see weekly what stats are improving (or going down), and wonder why.

  3. Wierd... The stats for the missing 5 days came back again a few hours later.


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