Tuesday, 25 October 2011

How-To ... Blog??

Critical is an expert on everything. Including blogging. Haha not really but for the purpose of paying it forward (thanks Foof), Critical is going to share his secret blogging technique only because you are a loyal Critical Fan (shhhh secret squirrel!).

Each Critical post is made up of 5 segments (in order from top to bottom).
1) Title
2) Introduction
3) Picture
4) Main Body
5) Conclusion

Step 1 - Settle on a topic.

Step 2 - Start with the Introduction, talk about what the post is about, or why you are writing this post or even just say hi.

Step 3 - Write up the Main Body which is the meat of the post.

Step 4 - Finish with the Conclusion maybe thanking or appreciating readers, wishing them well, asking them to come back or maybe a pondering.

Step 5 - Create or source a Picture relevant to either the topic or at the very least the Introduction.

Step 6 - Pick a Title. If possible try to capture the essence of the post in 5 or less words but don't worry too much about creating the perfect Title. Have a bit of fun with this one.

Step 7 - Insert jump break between Introduction and Main Body. Aim for your Intro to convince Readers to click through and read the rest of the post.

Step 8 - Click Preview, proof read out loud and fix grammar/spelling mistakes. 99% is good enough for most people, but think of this step is the last critical 1% that could convert your average oil painting into the next Mona Lisa. Take pride in your work, that's all Critical asks.

Step 9 - Publish or schedule a publish date/time.

Step 10 - Relax and watch your Feedburner counter go up (slooooowly).

Wham bam thank you maam, you now know how to blog! PS: Watcha think of the pic? Awesome for a Paint jobby??

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