Friday, 14 October 2011

Critical's Infernos = 10 Blackfallows

It was a tough decision whether to explain my reasons as a comment response or a proper post. Really I should be saving my daily posts for complex glyph lessons but when it boils down to it, Critical is a lazy bugger and doesnt feel like doing a 2 page lecture today.

Ok lets assume you dont throw away your burning embers / infernos like Critical does for his Casual Goblin Experiment and you do place a value on infernos. So why value 1 inferno to be equivalent to 10 blackfallows?

Imagine you could find a buyer to take your infernos and give you 10 bf inks. Sweet deal? Well Critical found someone! Himself! Lols! /Critical cackles madly.

How does Critical do this? He used to have a second business called TRINKETS R US which only made cata darkmoon trinkets which sell for profit. So Critical would trade infernos for blackfallows at the rate of 1:10.

This all started because Critical started off with DM cards only (no glyphs/trinkets). He milled and converted all blackfallows into infernos hence i=10b. Over time this has not changed because DM trinkets have always and still are able to be sold at or above cost. With that assumption Critical can get his cost price super low and apply the mega glyph hug of death (ooooh like the sound of that, no one stealz it please).

I dont quite know what else I can do to convince readers DM trinkets sales are the bomb. However if you are going to mass post (and therefore mass craft) you will end up with mass infernos that will need to be dealt with.

The above explanation may not be what you want to hear, but it explains Critical's way of handling infernos and hopefully helps by showing another way to view infernos.

Hmmm I wonder if gemmers and chanters are as crazy as glyphers. So many mad readers.


  1. I gotcha now critical.... I know that trinket sales are awesome, but I suppose I never tried to figure out the true cost/profit of it. it was simpler to just say it was all BFI.

    and Pure Profits just sounded too good!

    Thanks for all the conversation and great ideas Critical.

  2. Really it all depends, on the server, the competition and how one chooses to look at things.

    If trinket sellers are extremely competitive then they're less profitable and harder to sell but glyphs might be easy money.

    The "free" ink comments are often just a way of expressing things in a simplified manner. If they're focused on trinket sales and getting all their herb costs back there they might say Blackfallow Ink is "free". If they're getting all their herb costs back from Glyph sales they might say Inferno Ink is "free".

    Since costs are already covered at one end of the market they can squeeze the other end hard and drive out some of the competition.

    Another reason to say your ink is "free" is to discourage the competition. Or there's always the old classic, "I farmed the mats so they're free". Sure there are some who actually do believe that but most just say it to discourage the competition.

  3. I would agree with you if the selling price of an inferno ink is equivalent to 10 blackfallow ink. Otherwise I would beg to differ.

    And as usual it is all based on your server. On mine trinket sales and darkmoon card sales are not great profit at this point. Inferno inks continue to drop where as 10 blackfallow ink are worth more than 1 inferno. You can sell your blackfallow inks and buy cheaper inferno ink and still be ahead. Doesnt work on my server.

  4. Market prices beg to differ.

    With many markets having 1 blackfallow = 4g; 1 inferno = 18g, this means that 1 inferno is worth 4.5 blackfallows.

    Of course, anyone can cross subsidise anything they like.


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