Saturday, 29 October 2011

How-To DOS Wall

Ok enough poking wild animals with long sticks. Time for another How-To lesson. And no internet nerds we are not going to DOS attack by spamming your competitor's mailbox with mass trash.

On Critical's, DOS stands for Denial Of Sale, not denial of service. Keep reading for a short and simple example.

Remember Unleashed Lightning, the only new glyph released in 4.2? Critical's 2 competitors must have been chomping at the bit waiting for this patch and the fortune of gold this glyph was going to make them.

So Critical logs in on day 1 after patch 4.2 and sees this:

Naturally Critical grabs 300 BF inks, makes 100 of this new glyph (you do have more than 100 shamans on your server right?) and maintains the following walls for a few weeks until this glyph becomes just like any other ordinary glyph. Because he eats, drink, breathes glyphs he knows one glyph costed (at that time) 15g hence 18g+ is a nice profitable starter price.

Not "nice" but Critical just pushed the other guys 1 step closer to their boiling point.

Straight to the point with no bum fluff? Who doesn't love Critical posts. Admit it, you do dontcha Faithful Reader!


  1. nice quickie Critical, i'll definately put this to use on the next new glyph. Also I really like the new image function, much nicer!

  2. Thanks Al.

    Yes Anon costed as in, a icecream costed 10 cents In 1972. Dont correct Critical, he's a substitute english teacher when not flipping burgers.


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