Monday, 17 October 2011

Week 6 Blog Stats

I have the most engaging Readers (so many comments), thank you loyal Critical fans. And of course NCFs too, aka Non-Critical Fans like this guy, you get thanks as well for reading.

Every week Critical likes to invite Readers to have a look inside and behind the scenes of his blog. So here you go:

A few comments here and there. Cant complain as a first time blogger and only 6 weeks in. I wonder how my brother Greedy gets so many comments daily. He probably does a full day's work in half a day and spends the rest of the afternoon on his posts. Critical got the lazy genes, does half a day's work in a full day, comes home and bangs out a opinionated rubbishy post in 2mins and bam, 30 second's worth of reading content for you the faithful Reader whilst you sip your morning coffee.

Ok. I would to take a minute and do a quick mention and thank the following bloggers for being active on Criticals:

After stopping at Criticals FIRST (obviously), please support Critical's fellow bloggers by click their links in my blogroll. Make sure to visit Criticals first though! Anyways ... on with the show! Week 6 blog stats below! Ending 15 Oct.

I see you 346 Unique Visitors! Reward Critical for giving away his phat secrets by saying Hi! Come on, throw a dog a bone. I expect 20 Hellos by same time tomorrow night or no more posts for j00. IMSERIOUS is Critical's middle name.


  1. Hello
    30 secs or 4 hours doesn't matter if it makes us gold, ( or more DPEESEE) keep up the posts, try for daily but quality over quantity and it never hurts to make us think, not you anyhow.

  2. Thanks Alcattle. Happy to make you think.


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