Sunday, 23 October 2011

Rabbel's Glyphs

Critical does google searches every half hour to make sure he knows when he's being talked about. Today (well actually yesterday) Rabbel does walls a la Critical.

I am sure Rabbel will get some great advice from Stede/Kath and other purps. Today's post discusses why (or why not) walls would be appropriate in Rabbel's situation.

Lets start with the known facts (according to OP):
- he's manually doing 3x30g, 3x60g, 3x90g and has issues getting walls to form (i believe this is the easy fix)
- his competition will post as low as 3g per glyph
- there are 7 killing him in the glyph market

The two most often given advice by "pros" when competition crashes the glyph market down to the ground is:
- step out, focus on better GPH markets and come back when its happy cakes and butterflies or;
- list all glyphs at a lowish price ie fine I cant sell for good price then you cant sell for good price (the pooping in the playpen so we both cant play with the toys technique).

The second one is usually done with malicious intent and is intended to teach competition a "lesson". Critical always advocates setting a goal. If something doesnt help you achieve that goal its a distraction and you are confusing personal desires with business goals. If you distill Advice 2 for what it is, its basically a low price single wall (maybe somewhere between 14 to 18g) so that competition can still sell, but below this ceiling.

Critical's 3 Solid Wall strat is an emotionless version, with a bit more bite. Maybe think of it as something like long line fishing:

So with 3 walls what you doing is setting 3 lines, ignore the competition and come back in 48hrs and see what fishies you caught. Now the trick is using the right bait. Use the wrong bait and you wont catch any fish. With glyphs, prices are your bait. Use "wrong" prices and you wont get any sales.

Anywho, as I've explained before, the two main strats which Critical has shared are like surgical scalpels. Very effective at doing what they are designed to do but you cant wave em around like a magic wand.

@Rabbel, Critical advises stop with the walls for a second and work on understanding who and what your competition is first. If there are 7 glyphers that can post lower than you, you have a lot more homework to do. Dont just stop with that post, read the next one that goes into more depth. Why stop there? Read all of Critical's posts, they only take 30 seconds to skim through. Only then can you become Battle Pet oops Glyph Master of the World!


  1. Off topic: Critical, if you have not done so yet; go submit your blog at The undermine journal contact page.

  2. Thanks Foo. I think I want to knock out a few more How-Tos first, not really happy with my progress on those yet.

  3. Re-reading the actual article. If they are willing to post glyphs at 3g each. Buy. That is below any sane cost of glyphs - even with Critical's crazy pricing scheme. See if they will provide you with a stock of 20 glyphs each.

    3g * 20 * 340 glyphs ~ 20,000g. A cheap way to build your stockpile.

  4. At 3g per glyph I'd buy them out too.. Assuming they're good glyphs and not just garbage leveling glyphs.

    Thanks for the tip on TuJ feed submissions Foo.

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