Monday, 31 October 2011

Week 8 Blog Stats

Wow 8 weeks already?? Except for 4 days when Critical called it quits, it has been non-stop daily posts for Critical Readers! Feed the Critical Troll! The more you read the more he posts! Where else can you get fun fun gold posts to go with your morning coffee!

Right, on with business. See below for the usual stats for Week 8 ending 29 October 2011. Keep in mind these stat reports are always for a period of 7 days only, no cheating cumulative figures on Criticals. Massive improvement from Week 7!!

1. Meet Critical's new best friend, Jafo @The Auction House Grind!

2. Critical unsurprisingly has some critics lol:

PS: for those too lazy to start at the beginning and spend 30 seconds skim reading then clicking the "Newer Post" button, until you finish all Critical posts and confirm for yourself that glyph walls do work ... TLDR: glyph walls do work. But only if you call them Critical walls. 

3. Dammit Mox I caught your bug. No page view stats:

4. Yay 50 Readers and 10k total page views!

Lastly: if you've been a loyal Critical Fan for a while now you know what you gotta do .... That's right, its that time of the week for unknown Readers to pop their Critical cherry and post a Hi! Go on, Critical doesn't bite. Throw a dog a bone ... just say hi and a smiley, thats all!


  1. Hi :)

    Now everyone run to google and type in "Jafo looks and smells better than Critical Goblin". Just cuz I want to see it show up on Criticals web tracking. :P

  2. Hi, not a long time reader exactly, but I like your style so I probably will be one soon. Also got my own blog, but it's running for a while and has yet to reach your view count, so I won't be embarrassing myself (yet).

  3. Thanks Nikola. I havnt added your blog to my blogroll because I only put blogs that focus first and foremost on gold making in wow. I like your descriptive writing style though on your Avadon posts. Also thank you for the mention on your wow blog.

  4. =)) 11.5k pageviews almost catching up to Mox's 15k.


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