Tuesday, 11 October 2011

$10 or a Business

For someone who can sometimes be a jerk when commenting on blog's, Critical surprisingly gets great comments.

Thanks I3ig Al for explaining about Cold's blog. Now to answer your question in a semi-generic way directed at all Critical Readers, if you saw $10 on the street would you pick it up? Unless you are Bill Gates and rake in $100 picking your nose for 3 seconds, Critical advises you to spent those 3 seconds and pick up the free money because it helps achieve your Real Life goal which is to increase wealth.

What Critical wants to convey however is, you should not be walking around with your head down searching for a dollar here and there and hope to get lucky with someone dropping a $100 bill. Critical advises establishing a goal, create a rough plan to start you in the right direction towards that goal and develop a business that generates income.

Now ... lets assume that your goal is to collect an obscene amount of gold, and buying pre-cata herbs helps you achieve this goal. You definitely should not stop just because Critical said so. In fact if your Buyer is as good as my Buyer at snatching cata herbs AND your guy also buys cheap alternate herbs, your Buyer wins.

I probably should have a warning somewhere that Critical exaggerates often to emphasize a point and his advice should not be taken literally. They are meant to make you think, not have done the thinking for you.

Thanks Reader Al and other faithful Readers. You complete me.


  1. Thanks for the mention :)

    I guess I was taking you too literally in the "buy cata herbs, nothing else" thing, but I do have a problem with spending time trying to get all the cheap stuff, even for pennies at times.

    An update on my walling, it failed spectacularly. For some reason TSM only posted a complete wall at 50g, there was some holes at 40g and even more holes at 30g (I was forcing the prices by setting threshold and fallback at the same price).

    even with the crashed prices nobody took notice. All my competitors went and undercut anyway, and after blanketing the AH on Saturday night, a total of 39 sales were waiting for me Monday morning.

    Right now I'm resetting completely, everything off the AH and posting a 6 glyph wall at 20g.

  2. For all of the time I was in the Wrath market, and the beginning of Cata, I only bought the highest herbs to trade down.

    It made my buying life easier and kept me from having to worry about what herb mills into what pigment and how many are you likely to get etc. etc.

    It wasn't until I really started using TSM_Shopping that I went into lower herbs. With the Shopping plugin it's a breeze to just do a quick scan each day for each type of ink and buy anything below my per-ink threshold for that particular ink.

    When crafting with Cata herbs my highest crafting cost is 18g per glyph. If I bought only Cata herbs that would mean all glyphs had the same crafting cost. However, by buying herbs to turn into lower inks like Midnight, Shimmering, etc. I can often craft glyphs for 6-10g per glyph, sometimes lower, and it really boosts my profit per glyph, especially if you're posting at low ceilings like I was for a while.

    My basic rule of thumb is that I buy Cata herbs at up to 6g/ink. I buy BC/Wrath herbs at up to 5g/ink and I buy anything else (except Shimmering) at up to 4.50g/ink. Shimmering is always so cheap I usually get it for 50s/ink.

    None of these prices are based on solid math, just more of a "feel" for how cheap the herb has to be before I pass up an opportunity to get Burning Embers out of it. :D

    If anyone isn't buying low level herbs because it's too hard/time consuming/confusing PLEASE try out TSM_Shopping, it's a godsend.

  3. Ugh I hate TSM_Shopping, it's slow, buggy and doesn't list the cheapest items first.

    You got 40 pages of whiptail, it'll list the 50g stacks first and you have to click skip hundreds of times before it finally gets around to the 25g stacks!

  4. Nice Blog you have here Crit. As for buying herbs I use Auctionator. I set up a shopping list for each ink and within that shopping list I have each herb that creates the appropriate pigment. Now when i am low on say ink of the sea, I select that shopping list and say search. Very easy and quick. I use the same method for my JC for prospecting.

  5. Welcome Nigel and thanks for the compliment. I use Auctionator too, quick, easy and painless. Still need to get around to at least giving TSM shopping a go though. Anyways thanks for stopping by.

  6. @MoxNix
    You dont have to use the TSM_Shopping (shops for crafting) tab, when it comes to herbs I prefer Shopping - General Buying tab then go to inks, and it has a nice handy dandy drop down list. This WILL list them from cheapest up. I personally set my max gold for ink at 5g per and go from there, I buy all herbs that are below that mark and then have it auto mailed from my bank toon to my glypher.

  7. That's why I like reading Moxy's blog, hes lazy, stubborn and opinionated like Critical and he updates his blog all the time. Another good blog to read if you're bored of all the old ones that arnt updating or do filler /bleh updates. Don't Follow him though I need to catch up to his 6 Followers. Follow me instead!

    PS thanks Bankz!

  8. The problem with that Bankzors is I buy a lot more than just herbs or inks. Ore, bars, chant mats, gems, etc., etc. When I do a scan it's not usually just for one market... it's for whatever's cheap atm and I buy it all, not just enough for today, this week, or this month.

  9. BTW I was talking about TSM_Shopping - Dealfinding. The TSM version of a snatch list. Not shop for crafting.

    When it comes to general buying, I by far prefer auctioneer's "general search" for that type of search.

    Overall TSM is great but TSM_Shopping needs a lot of work before it even comes close to competing with Auctioneer or Auctionator buying functions.


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