Saturday, 1 October 2011

High Fallback Experiment

Not everyone has access to 5 accounts. I can talk about how I mill on 2 accounts, list/relist auctions on 2 accounts and craft glyphs on the last account, all at the same time with 1 button but no one will be able to relate. Hence the drastic surgery posted about yesterday where I have gifted away everything and am now down to zero gold. At the same time I have cancelled 4 accounts and am left with a single account.

On this single account this is what I will start with:
- 1 scribe with all glyph recipes
- 2 salesgirls each with 4 Royal Satchels and 1 default bag 
- 316 glyphs x 20 (yes I have already analysed my sales data and chosen and ignored my 28 worse selling glyphs)
- only 4 gold for the first round of ah listing fees, but apart from that, no inks, no herbs, absolutely nothing else

The plan? We all know the Critical Method works. More and more glyphers are claiming success with it or variations thereof. Whether after reading my method, I dont know. Now there are alot of haters out there that cant handle the hard work that's required to pull off the Critical method. And ever since I quit glyphing a few weeks ago, prices on Tich (H) have skyrocketed.

What I want to experiment with is, can I ride this high fallback wave? Or are the high fallbacks too attractive to hardcore campers that will/have come back in droves?

So with these 10 bags this is what I am going to try:
- 48hr auctions
- 2 singles per glyph
- 1cp undercut
- threshhold cost price
- fallback 199g
- advance/reset do not post
- no cancelling, natural deaths

What I am hoping is I can sell a few glyphs, buy herbs, mill, replenish stock to 20. Rinse and repeat, hopefully gold stash increases because I only need to replenish back up to 20. The interesting part is how fast or slow the stash goes up.

Remember that all glyph theorycrafting can be categorized into either buy, make or sell? This is an interesting Sell experiment for advance goblins that is semi-simple to do because you only need 3 things: a full recipe scribe, enough capital to make your starting glyphs and 2 spare toons.

I have a feeling sales are going to be dismal, but theres only 1 way to find out.

PS: No one tell Nafal, Sapy, Shamanta and Xorvus the party poopers. They will ruin my party.

Let the games begin!

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