Friday, 28 October 2011

Kathroman's Glyphs??

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Ok so here we have Belmorn fed up with the lame attitude: walls are bad + purple = iwin/ulose. Well he didnt actually say that but who likes reading women's magazines with no juicy bits. Critical hates those sort of mags.

I am however going to have to give props to Kath for finally unbiting his tongue and actually writing a decent post:
He covers the basics very nicely:
- walls are an advance technique, dont go about walling your dog, cat, grandma, grandpa, postman etc willy nilly
- research your competition and research some more
- be sneaky and patient, sneak into the other guy's mansion and convince him to give it up without him knowing you are hiding behind his couch
- and lastly Critical is the best (ok ok Critical made that last one up himself)

That wasnt so hard was it Kat. Hmmmmm, actually, has you been reading Critical's blog?

Somehow I feel like I'm stealing from Kat and Bel I mean really, how much effort does it take to take a few screenshots and drop in a few links here and there and then hit Publish. Not much really. But, is it stealing if I'm linking and crediting them with their works??

Oh wells, it makes for good reading anyway. Give em a +1 rep if you think they rocked your day. If only you could rep Critical ... oh wait you can! Subscribe!!! Be a Critical Reader today!

PS: See Halo's live case study in progress, we're at Update 4.

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