Friday, 27 January 2012

Daily Blog Posts

Today's topic: Daily blog posts.

Below are some quick fire bullet points what Critical learnt while sticking to a daily posting schedule for 3 months and its advantages:

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Blogging a Passion??

Welcome to Critical's first post completely not related to his usual glyph ramblings!

So there I was, asking myself, what are the best topics to blog about, to achieve "success" in terms of blogging? What should be my new topic(s)? The obvious choices are either: what you are personally passionate about, or what you excel at. If you can hit the sweet spot that nails these two ... booya! Instant win!

Why do I say this? Look at the blogs that go from strength to strength to strength. Greedy, his blog does well because he is passionate about his topics. Same thing with Flux/Jim, Cold and Markco, they know (knew in Markco's case) exactly what they want their baby to become.

In reverse what about the blogs that die or slowly phase out, such as Critical's own blog or if you're an oldie you may remember Bangkok Bill. I dont think its because he/we lost the passion of blogging, more likely because we lost what we were passionately blogging about: the gold universe in wow.

So anyway, back to this blog. Hmmmm what is Critical super pro at and also loves, thats not glyphing and is still semi related my 89 subscribers? Blogging of course! Yes yes I'm a blog noob but 0 to 95 subs in 91 days, I believe is a decent achievement (actually I have no idea, there's no standards to compare against).

Its a huge tangent but hopefully not too many Critical Readers abandon ship during this change in direction. Hope you stick around for an interesting adventure!

Monday, 23 January 2012

Week 20 Blog Stats

Hola loyal Critical Fans still subscribed to my feed! And u other guys who keep coming back and boosting my page views even though there's been no new posts!

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