Monday, 5 December 2011

Week 13 Blog Stats

As I have mentioned a few times previously, I am no longer active inside of Wow. The release of 4.3 has made me realize that I am now a dinosaur. This patch is not a major patch but at some stage there will be a game changing update that will completely nullify the knowledge I blog about.

I have always felt that my costing sheet was my most secret weapon as it showed exactly what my real floor is, and was always planned to be one of my final releases.

It has been a fantastic journey developing this writing character from originally a rude crude critical dude obsessed with pointing out writings he did not like, to a more cultured individual very interested in sharing all he knows about glyphing. Long term Critical Readers will know the massive ups and downs this blog has been through.

The original intent of this blog was to become the best knowledge bank on advance glyphing. I believe we (yes I am talking about you Critical Reader) have achieved this. I have also noticed multiple blogs focusing intently on glyph discussions and it gives me great pleasure to see other like minded individuals love glyphing as much as myself. I have the utmost confidence in these capable authors to lead new glyphers through future patches.

As such I hereby tender my resignation from my promised daily posts, and move from a pro-active schedule to a silent role. Yes you could say this is the second (real) end of Critical. Dont worry all the old stuff will stay available for reference purposes.

I would like to say a big thanks to the support crew who have been with me all the way through the ups and downs. This blog would not have become what it is without your support.

I will still monitor comments and try my best to answer any questions anyone might have but there will not be any more new posts. Thanks for sticking around this long Critical Reader, I really appreciate your support during this journey.

Whilst this post answers Grue's question somewhat, his comment was not the trigger. This post was already finalized and scheduled before his comment.

Take care,


  1. Well, I guess all good things come to an end sometime. Good luck on future endeavors and a big thanks for all the insights you've shared with your readers.

  2. Sad to see my morning glyph posts going away, but I totally understand the lack of interest/motivation behind them.

    Thank you for all the valuable insight and help getting people thinking harder about one of the seemingly most dull professions in the game.

    You will be missed Critical!

  3. WOW...I am completely at a loss to hear the news. If you eluded to it in recent posts, I missed them. (Admittedly, I have not read my blogs regularly lately). I really hate to see you "leave", but I completely understand that change is inevitable and there are more important things in life than WOW (shocker to some). I had moved this blog to the top of my list of the "can't miss a post" as I work through various methods of glyph sales. I was actually preparing a detailed post/reply showing what I have been doing and the results, and get your thoughts.

    Anyway, I truly have enjoyed your posts and have learned much from them and will continue to learn from them. I wish you the best in your new endeavor.



  4. I wish you luck in your future endeavors. If you ever come back to tich send me a line.

  5. Saddened to this.. Whilst I was never a gplypher, as it always did seem to me as a more boring profession, I did enjoy reading a blog of a fellow guildie.

    Will miss the weeny heals, I never do get any from PB. She'll say otherwise (and so will the meters), but I'm sticking to my story!

    Hopefully we'll see you login some point in the future (:

    - Dion


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