Sunday, 4 December 2011

What is a Glyph Market Leader

And why would anyone want to become the Glyph Market Leader? Croda asks the hard questions.

Hmmmm going backwards and looking at my original Glyph Market Leader post I realize I never really defined the term Glyph Market Leader.

This is one definition of a market leader:
"The brand, product, or firm that has the largest percentage of total sales revenue (the market share) of a market."

So to be the Glyph Market Leader you must have the highest share of actual glyph sales as illustrated in my pie chart.

I dont advise being the Glyph Market Leader because it has magical advantages. My methods/strats/tactics aim to maximize the user's share of sales, which if the user takes a step further and say they want to have the lion's share of total sales, is by definition becoming the Glyph Market Leader.

My Selling posts/instructions focus on sales, not profit or ROI or GPH. They are meant to show advance techniques on how to aggressively attain and retain dominant market share. Improving your profit or efficiency requires improving your Buying and Making skills.

So why did I choose this goal?
Collecting a billion gold is easy, ask Mox and Brent. Driving out serious competition is not. Setting a goal of 1 or 2 or 5mil is not a hard goal, it just takes time and a good routine, ask any pro goblin. I chose a hard goal that I had no idea whether I could achieve it, which was: is it possible to obtain majority market share and still be profitable? Any tom, dick or harry can come in and sell at cost price and gain majority market share because no one else will (rightly) bother selling. The fun part is making the market appear bad to other competitors whilst having good buying and making systems in place that provide good return.

Imagine if 8 out of 10 gems sold on the AH were your gems? That's exactly what Critical dreams of. Except with glyphs of course.


  1. All good points Critical. Assuming selling 8 out of 10 glyphs maximises your profits also. If making more profits on a sustainable basis selling 2 of 10 glyphs does better than selling 8 of 10 then i would be selling 2 of 10 all day.

    Of course, the key here is it being sustainable. and that assumes the competitor selling 8 of 10 does not move into my end of the market.

    in the ideal market both of us are happy with each part of our market and indeed both willing not to disturb each other.

    keep up the good posts!

  2. I used to be active in the AH, focusing on glyphs, gems, and leather crafted BOEs. What I found is that it was easy to make money if you bought your materials at a good price. Making a million gold did not take too long in Cataclysm, maybe a couple of months of active AHing. However I grew quickly bored with the effort, as it was so easy, just a matter of grinding, really, like anything else in WoW.

    So my question to you is this, how do you stay interested in this? There is really no challenge. It is just a simple matter of most people being too lazy to level inscription and make their own glyphs, so they pay you with gold that Blizzard just hands out to people like candy. Most people place very little value on gold, so they do not mind parting with it.

    So what keeps you going? It cannot be the challenge, so it must be the gold itself, but how would your life change if you had a trillion WoW gold?


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