Thursday, 1 December 2011

Critical's Secret Costing Calculator

You asked for it (actually only Brent and Robot did, but I've been wanting to talk about Buying for a while now). So ... here is one of the most important tools you need to help you improve your Buying:

Critical's herb and glyph costing calculator

To be honest this is Critical's MOST important secret. I release these dataz because I love you Critical Readers. This is 10x more important than posting/selling strats because the cheaper/lower you pay for herbs, the more aggressive your posting strats can be.

To keep this post clean and short I will do the How-To guide to use this calculator tomorrow, rather than mass pics here.


  1. very much looking forward to the how to on this :) at 5am and tons of patch day craziness it doesn't make much sense to me.

    I have stopped doing floors and ceilings for now, and I can't believe how the prices have rebounded lol. from keeping everything 25g and cheaper for two months, three days later all glyphs are 70g ore more, many are 150-200G. I sold 109 glyphs after a single post cycle and pulled in 5.4k gold without having to stress about restocking or camping.

    On patch day i have only seen a fourth the sales numbers but I guess thats from everyone being so busy with new content and not needing glyphs on alts.

    I was able to scoop a good amount of stock at 20g a glyph for resets, several competitors still had remants of undercutting leftover. little profit for them, time saved and potential reset for me :D

  2. Fantastic! Seems as simple as a slide rule, but like any common sense you have to see it before you get it :)

    I managed to bag 51 stacks of whiptail this morning @ 1g, I'm going to work my ink ratio backwards based on sales of DMC over the next few days, and see what my glyph prices work out to.

    By the way - anyone have any sales expectations with the new DMF this weekend? Do you expect your cards / decks to move well or are we nearing the end of that market?


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