Wednesday, 30 November 2011

GrayzBDF's Goal Post

Like many other readers and authors, Critical loves scouring the internet for interesting blogs. When you find a good one its a special feeling. You are part a small group who have stumbled upon a treasure trove that you and few others know about.

GrayzBDF seems to have discontinued his blog but skimming through some of his older posts, this is what made Critical get a strange tingly feeling and go, ZOMG SOMEONE ELSE EXACTLY GETS IT!

People can say what they want with whichever arguments they have, but it's simple; I choose a goal, learn what I need to get there and do it. Every single time that I choose a goal and shoot for it, I reach it, without fail. It's all just a matter of how long it takes to reach the goal, if you do the same things that other succesful people do. You can't fail if you're on a successful path. And success is simply "the realization of a worthy ideal" -Earl Nightingale. Brian Tracy would argue that you can reach any goal, "within reason", which may hold true, but most of the time human beings hold themselves back more than they push forward, so I simplify it and say if you can imagine it, you can do it.

PS: Grayz I like your writing style. I myself have 98% quit wow, no raiding, no pvp not even playing the AH (only maintain a sub to run experiments and take screenshots). If you have been playing since Vanilla and hit both caps I am sure you have a stupidly, ridiculous wealth of gold making knowledge. Have you considered blogging about how you AH and the theory behind your processes (or used to if you have quit).

I think if you did shorter, more succinct posts, that as a side benefit take less time than big ones, you would have great success. This is because it is rare to find an author that has years of experience/success, good writing skills and no real reason to withhold good/quality information (because you are not worried about tough competition).

For example this post could have been broken up into 10 smaller posts released 1 by 1. Its not about trying to stretch content and increase blog life. Its about making it easier for yourself because you're not spending heaps of time doing big posts, and its also easier for readers because shorter posts can be skimmed when readers have a spare minute and then mentally digested during routine tasks/work that dont require brainpower.

PPS: I like how you refer to yourself in the 3rd person. I thought I was the pioneer! I guess I was not.

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  1. Funny how both of us have quit WoW (in our own minds) with the only difference being that you still pay for your sub.

    Thanks a lot for the praise and the positive feedback and your most likely correct. My issue is that I suck at following the "correct standards" no matter what i'm into, for good and bad. I overestimate MY OWN WAY, but i'm fully okay with it cause it adds to the learning experience and once I do get it I enjoy my own mastery style a 100% hehe.

    Writing shorter posts will be a challenge that I can and will take on, since it will push my way of writing into a new and different path. And it was inevitable so I might as well begin with my 2nd post (a part 2 of 3 then) which actually has to do with your post about The Gold Queen.

    About AH and writing about it. I most likely will do something with the knowledge i've gathered. Since my return to blogging I have two choices and both have their pros and cons; Write for free vs. writing for money. For now i'll blog for free, but i'll try to come up with another plan, so that I can make money from writing. Money meaning anything above 1 cent profit, since that's where all money making begins.

    I believe in passive incomes now, both in real life and in games and if I were to return i'd aim to minimize my AH time as much as possible. It would be a perfect challenge.

    Stay Critical!

    P.S. The 3rd person view is a great for entertaining ones self and I had forgotten that I had used it in the past. I love it and I like the way you do it too.


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