Wednesday, 16 November 2011

The "It Was My Twin!" Excuse

At the last count there are 6 blogs that Critical knows of, that has mentioned Faid's scathing review of a payment required guide:

Critical does not like bandwagons. He does however like to analyze and hopefully learn a thing or two from pros who are pro at their field/game. With this particular topic, Critical is referring to the alleged rumor (or fact, /shrug i have no idea) that Markco has sold his website JMTC and the brand/posting name Markco.

Pardon my french but this guy is a fukin genius. He has perfected the act "it wasnt me it was my twin brother". Because of that rumor everyone is arguing "thats the real markco" and "no thats not the real markco". Critical is literally laughing his ass off and highly admires how well he pulled this trick off.

Critical always loves seeing highly skilled social engineering in play. This guy is a pro at his game. Come on, I am sure Critical is not the only one to see the twin excuse being played?


  1. Critical, your an evil person.

    I knew there was a reason why I liked you so much. :P

  2. Will the real Markco please stand up....please stand up....please stand up.

    No, not you, the other Markco. Oh, he isn't here? What's that? He is? Just hiding? Ok. Gotcha.

    Yeah, it's a bit confusing, isn't it?

    (or is it?)

  3. Well he's claiming he sold it, and we think we know who owns markcoLTD now.

  4. Who Marcko the JMTC old one, the new Marcko from new JMTC you pay, or Marcko the Trafic blooger?

  5. Exactly Alberthus! The man has skillz.


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