Monday, 7 November 2011

Week 9 Blog Stats

I have to say this blog is evolving very nicely. Still want to crank out a few more important foundation How-To guides but so far a pretty good mix of reference material, case studies, live experiments, nosy opinionated commentaries ... you likey? Then drop a hi in the Comments below if you're a new Critical Reader! Use your real name, char name or anon, Critical dont care!

Blog Shoutouts
A new addition to the blog, Critical does short and dirty highlights on what else is new in the gold bloggosphere this week (it was a tossup between highlighting popular Critical posts or highlighting other blogs ... no brainer):

- Xsinthis (The Golden Crusade) discusses and compares Real World with Wow.

- Vile (Vile's Golden Auctions) offers up a scam technique to take advantage of the Guardian Cub. Yes its a scam. No Critical doesnt like it but he has enough writing material of his own to not have to step up to the pulpit and preach.

- Midas ( contemplates another way to justify a second account. Cross-faction = moar sales!

- Jafo (AH Grind) covers Critical's favourite lesson! Planning!

- Mox (The Gold Mint) does the quick and dirty tutorials for TSM Auctioning (and later Mailing)

- Stede (The Revenge) shares his opinions on gold blogs.

- Foo (Foo's Wow Musings) spends $20 on renaming his guild to Friday Night Wipes!

- Kaliope (Kaliope's Crafting Blog) collects a big list of profession complaints.

Back to Critical's blog, here is week 9 stats ending 5 October 2011. Viewing stats are a little down from last week but 58 Readers!!! I<3U!

Granted half those comments are myself, /shrug I love our active discussions! As they say, it is better to have 5 glyph crazy Readers than 500 lazy wheres-my-iwin gold tip readers. Thanks guys for contributing!

How are you guys finding the Critical's War updates? I know they're a bit hard to follow especially if you're used to my normal format, but I think in each post there is just too much info for me to step by step detail exactly what's going on. Main thing to remember:
- pics are posted in order of my routine
- caption explains as briefly as possible what is being done
- anything important or of significance is usually circled in red so you know where you should be focusing your attention

Any questions, ASK!!!! (only if you're not Discretetime though, because you sir need to get back to your desk and undercut mah auctions).


  1. CG, I enjoy the War updates. I think it is a great idea, and thought about trying it myself until I did the math on # of inks, pigments, herbs (gold) it will take to set up the first phase, not to mention the time it will take to smash that many herbs into inks. Just curious, what was your starting investment? Somewhere near $100k gold?


  2. If i had to start from zero yes probably somewhere between 60-100k. The same for you or anyone else, depends on your herb prices.

    I would advise doing it in stages:
    - work with the recipes you currently have, keep doing daily lessons until all learnt
    - start with 6 per glyph (2x2x2), all glyphs that you can make
    - 2 or 3 weeks later when you have a bit more gold stash, increase the per glyph qty to 12 (4x4x4)
    - then again later to 20

    You might find when you jump in there are 1 or 2 other serious glyphers that are bunkered hard. Start slow and keep reinvesting 100% profits back into your business.

    FYI: I didnt start with 20. I ended up with 20. Dont bite off more than you can chew.

  3. I guess I did not provide enough details in my frist comment. It is not the gold, nor the learning of glyphs, as I have all 344 glyphs learned, and feel like I have plenty of gold to attempt this, but I cannot imagine how much time it took to mash enough herbs to make 6,320 glyphs (316 x 20) x 3 inks per = 18,960 inks, assuming 6 BF per stack, then I would have to smash +3k stacks of Whiptail. I am going to start with the 2x2x2 strat and work towards 20.

    Thanks again for the incite & ideas.

  4. Yes u are right it is alot of glyphs to make at the start if you're aiming for 20 and starting from scratch. Afterwards though it's just topping up only what sold

  5. PS: having all recipes is a huge advantage. I tired to get a second alt to all recipes (was planning to send across to alliance) and gave up after 2 months of damn non stop lessons.


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