Sunday, 6 November 2011

Voxx's Glyphs

Voxx went from zero glyphs and inks to 6 full guild bank tabs of blackfallow and infernos, at a cost of 80k:

What would Critical do with all those inks? Go to town and wreck havoc on that server's glyph market of course!

OP's facts:
- 9,800 bf inks
- 1,960 infernos
- 525 scribe with zero discovered glyphs
- 2 selling alts available

Step 1 - buy 8 x 36 slot Royal Scribe's Satchels and send 4 to glyphsellera and glyphsellerb.

Step 2 - in TSM Auctioning divide glyphs into 2 equal groups separated by class ie group 1 has 5 classes and group 2 has 5 classes (ignore whether they are minor/major/prime, just lump em together). Assign group 1 to glyphsellera and group 2 to glyphsellerb in TSM Mailing.

Step 3 - according to wowhead (see pic, dont quote me), there are 143 trainable glyphs. Learn all the trainer recipes then use 2,860 bf inks and craft full stacks (20) of those 143 glyphs. Automail them once crafted to selling alts.

Step 4 - load up selling alts, download glyphs from mailbox into those big empty glyph bags.

Step 5 - set up auction price settings, start with something simple like Critical's Casual Experiment settings, roughly:
- fallback 250g
- threshold 30g
- undercut 1c
- 1 glyph per auction
- 48hrs
- advance/reset as Do Not Post or Fallback (not important)

This a safe pricing strategy. The 30g threshold protects your sales from selling at a loss. The high fallback and 1c undercut lets you see what sort of sales you can get with minimal effort. Think of it as a good starting point before going head to head with the serious glyphers.

Step 6 - buy lifes, craft cards, make and sell trinkets. Hold on to leftover cards.

Step 7 - start doing Minor and Northrend Researches ASAP daily. This part takes aaaaaaages =(. You'll get 2 new glyphs per day. Straight away when you get access to these 2 new ones, craft 20 of each and autosend to alts.

Step 8 - use incoming gold from glyph sales to buy herbs. Squash, restock glyphs, win.


  1. If you have a lot of money to burn, consider buying books of glyph mastery to speed up the discovery process

  2. Thats what you get when you rush a post. Yes thanks, that should be inside Step 7.

  3. Step five is almost exactly what I do. Just one question: do you cancel/repost at all when using the 48 hour method?

  4. No because of Step 3 which is to craft full stacks of each glyph. This reduces out-of-stock problems, just straight Repost.

    Average Joe Glypher has to cancel, remove from mailbox then repost because he only holds 3 or 5 or 7 (or whatever) of each glyph because he is afraid to over-commit and doesnt want to find himself with a crapload of glyphs that he cant sell because a new Critical Goblin enters and crashes the market.

    Use that fear against him.


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