Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Critical's War (Day 5)

Day 5 of Critical's War on Terror

Load up Discretetime's auctions and have a peek
in his shop.

Quick cuppa while afk opening mail.

Sorry Xorvy

Hmmmm a few more serious glyphers flushed out.
[Yes the status scan doesnt really show that they are serious,
these are just my old mates =)]

1. Lowered floor by 1g to see what boltage will do.
2. Raised ceiling, too many glyphers buying mine and resetting.

Post 500 x 2 alts.

Saps why is your name blue??
Total is for 4 days of sales.

Send income over to Buyer.

Buy medium priced herbs = /

Hmmmm some naughty glyphers have bought
my stock for resetting!

Didnt have enough bf inks last time i crafted and Auto-Buy
didnt buy any Ink of the Seas. So this time manually buy and
make sure to craft those glyphs first.

Grab the bought herbs and squash!!!

Time for bed, AFK ink time!

Doh cant sleep with all those glyphs needing to be crafted!


  1. Wow, Discrete is active a lot. Weekdays roughly from 2am - 8am he's not there at all but 12pm - 1am, smells like a camp addict (according to TuMJ). Emaliea though looks to be done by roughly 6am with plenty of time to enjoy life's little indulgences. Although there was something I noticed about Emaliea's items up for sale; groups of 3. Perhaps 1 of each expired? Or maybe just a factor of TuMJ and the time I am looking at it.

  2. I was really tempted by your posts to start my own glyph war seeing that the market here is really tough. I'm not sure if it's because of stupidity or brilliance, but one major competitor has set his fallback price to 60g a glyph, and the rest of the bunch drives the price further down by undercutting(in many cases under 15g without walling even being present on my server). So I want to completely ruin their market for being so carelessly greedy in the first place.

    However, I rarely get over herbs that are priced low enough for me to feel that they're profitable. So my question is if you do some sort of calculations on what prices are profitable or if you simply buy herbs under a set roof, e.g. 40g?

    The cheapest herbs on my server are Whiptail and Cinderbloom at around 40-45g a stack.


  3. Nigel good spotting! You found Critical's dirty secret lol. My War posts are 1 day late because:
    - it gives me time to prepare the post without rushing (80% reason)
    - it slightly delays information stream to my competition.

    I'm already giving out my secret recipe, no need to make it too easy for my competition.

    Stay tuned, tomorrow's post will explain the 3 glyph.

  4. @harleqin, dont worry didnt forget about you.

    1. There is a wall, its set at 60g. That guy is turning your glyph ocean into a glyph lake.

    2. Understand what your real goal is. If its "to completely ruin their market for being so carelessly greedy in the first place." thats easy just post all glyphs at cost price eg 12g.

    3. I think its the same with everyone else, Critical buys herbs in only 2 situations:
    - he needs it now (out of stock, short supply etc) and will pay market rate ie whatever the price is even if its gouging.
    - its cheap

    Using Critical's magic calculator: 40g whiptails and the assumption inferno = 10bf, glyph cost is 8g. See the comments section for an example/proof/working out:


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