Thursday, 24 November 2011

Critical's War - Triple Walls Conclusion

Remember Critical's triple wall war post? Seems like ages ago!

Recap of this mini experiment:
- took down all auctions (empty AH)
- start with little gold (<50g)
- cleared, reset and emptied mysales data
- load up 3 walls cleanly and neatly
- leave them up all weekend, dont touch them at all dont even log into wow
- wait until after auctions have expired (more than a week later actually) then open both mailboxes
- rub hands with glee

Log into alt 1 and afk clear mailbox. Repeat alt 2.


Mysales data here.

Ok maths time!

AH posting time for 2 alts = 21mins
Time taken to log into alt 1 and click mailbox = 1min
Time taken to afk unload everything from alt 1 = 0min
Time taken to log into alt 2 and click mailbox = 1min
Time taken to afk unload everything from alt 2 = 0min

Total actual work time = 23mins
Total sales = 11,849g

GPH = 30,910gph <<< WINNER???!!!!


  1. Absolutely horrible math.

    You can't figure your true gold per hour without accounting for your crafting time since those glyphs didn't just magically appear. So your total work time is exponentially higher than you are falsely representing.

    That combined with the fact that just because a glyph sells for 25g, doesn't mean all 25g is profit. We work for net profit, not gross sales.

    Besides, GPH is a horrible stat to compare anything to because no gold making strategy can be sustained for each and every hour, thus each strategy suffers from diminishing returns.

    Total profit is much more important to track than gross sales per hour anyways.

  2. I was about to ask if you had your brain dc while calculating but Cold beat me to it :P

  3. Hehe sorry guys, the GPH maths was a bit of an in-house joke, dont take it too seriously (search GPH if u have never read Critical's thoughts on GPH).

  4. Woah Darkfriend you surely are a dark fellow. To answer your questions yes Critical is retarded and yes he is a massive dick. What are you going to do about it.

    PS: why are you still here? I though all you Critical Haters promised to leave forever. How dare you break our pinky swear.

  5. Looks like some think you are not a winner....grumpy group.

    Keep posting.

  6. Hi Critical :) long time no post but I've been here all along.

    Shame about the people that take things way too seriously / don't get the joke.

    I respect you and I had fun doing the rock bottom pricing to drive out a couple competitors, but if things don't start turning around I'm gonna go back to the casual 1c undercutting and just leave it at that.

    Last weekend I did the same thing as you, triple walls at 18 50 and 90, 3 glyphs each. 48h no touchy, and when I collected my mail I had a grand total of 3.5k in sales.

    I'm going to keep it up for a while more to hopefully ward off a few more names but after nearly two months it doesn't look like they will leave.

    No matter what though, I gotta give you props, and I will keep reading as long as you keep writing. Knowledge is Power no matter the source, and you my friend are giving out knowledge hardly available elsewhere.

  7. Thanks for the nice comments Al, much appreciated.

    Hmmm i spent all night thinking about why your triple wall may not have work and why you got 3.5k only whereas I received almost 12k. But then I realized that they were working as intended.

    The objective of the solid walls is to front load work (ie to do alot of work early/at the start) and still retain a semi-decent income. You spend about half an hour loading up the walls but then you can leave them alone completely and still get ok sales.

    The recipe for high income is:
    - high fallback (300g)
    - 1cp undercut
    - hardcore camper

    The recipe for throttling and squeezing the market is:
    - lowish fallback (45g)
    - big undercut (5-15g)
    - lowish threshold (15g)
    - aka floors and ceilings

    The recipe for minimal work whilst retaining a presence (and therefore sales/profit) is:
    - not too low a bottom wall (20 to 25g, u dont want to, or actually need to, go too low)
    - medium middle wall (45g)
    - not too greedy high wall (90g)
    - aka solid walls

    To be honest the solid wall strat is a good posting strat if you cannot convince competitors to quit and u want to still sell glyphs but spend minimal time. This allows you to focus on your other markets or expand into new markets or just simply enjoy the Real World.

    Reverting back to 1cp is also not a bad strat as well if all your competitors are not aggressive and love high fallbacks (my Casual Goblin reports show decent income doing exactly this).

  8. sales count 431
    sales total 11849

    average sale 27.49187935

    ink cost 6.5
    glyph cost 20

    profit/glyph 7.49187935
    total profit 3229

    Total Mills 740
    time s/mill 1.5

    total inks 1293
    time s/ink 1939.5

    total glyphs 431
    time s/glyph 646.5

    crafting (s) 3696
    crafing (m) 61.6

    posting (m) 21
    collecting (m) 74

    total time (m) 156.6
    total time (h) 2.61

    Gold/hour 1237.164751

  9. Server glyph sales volume has a huge impact on sales. Sales volume on my server is low vs some other servers that I see. Your server Critical results in substantially more sales than mine. Re Al: the low sales just depends on comp as well. If there is just one other person with a regular presence and with a lower server volume you get less.

  10. I'd like to make a long comment but from your list it looks like I need to run and make a few glyphs that I overlooked.


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