Wednesday, 2 November 2011

5,000 Whiptails

This has been bugging Critical for ages. Today we are going to squash 5,000 whiptails and prove Belzebutinov's figures (circled in red) are wrong.

Obviously bag space is a limitation so had to do it in 3 separate sessions but lets have a look:

Results: 5,000 whiptails = 3,015 ashen pigments + 533 burning embers

This confirms for each mill action:
5w = 3ap + 0.5be
(not Belzebut's: 5w = 3ap + 1be)

Or for single whiptails/twilight jasmines:
w = 0.6ap + 0.1be
w = 0.3b + 0.05i   <<< simplest raw relationship between whiptails, bf inks and infernos

Kath's comment is a prime example of someone just using their reputation/purple-status to "prove" they are right. Critical loathes lazy commenters. I can understand Belzebutinov accidentally making a small mistake dealing with that whole page of data but Kath just swooped in without knowing/checking and said the figures were right. Bad Kath. Obviously if I have made an error as well, its a long fall from my high horse ... /shrug you tell me if Critical's wrong.

Can someone else snatch up 5,000 cinderblooms (or stormvines). Critical's mouse scrolling finger is sore =/


  1. My figures generally match yours Crit. I'll get 1 inferno and 6 bfi from whip & TJ. 0.5 inferno and 5 bfi from tier 1 cata herbs. Sample size: 4800 whiptail, 3700 TJ, 6000 tier 1 herbs.

  2. Ps cinderbloom sample size: 3800 heartblossom: 1100.

    Pps are you posting from the future? It says 3am 2nd Nov :s do you have the lotto numbers?

  3. No lotto numbers unfortunately, just happen to live in New Zealand aka Hobbit Town. Thanks for your figures.

  4. Mouse over whiptail gives you:
    1 mill = 300% Ashen Pigment + 50% Burning Ember.

    This is also what I have seen from milling about 50.000 whiptails.

  5. Sorry, from milling about 150.000 Whiptails. Miscalculated -_-

  6. His figures for infernos appeared to be doubled. Your numbers look right. I dont have any mod to tell me what I have done in the past but the cinderbloom is definitely not what he indicates.

  7. @critical

    In Dec 2010; I milled 1,500 cinderbloom and 1,500 twilight jasmine. Raw results at the top of this spreadsheet

    1,500 cinderbloom became 32.5 inferno ink; 375.5 blackfallow.

    1,500 twilight jasmine became 82 inferno ink; 458 blackfallow;

  8. "w = 0.3b + 0.05i <<< simplest raw relationship between whiptails, bf inks and infernos"

    Your numbers are correct but the simplest way of expressing them is

    1 stack of whiptail = 6 blackfallow + 1 inferno

    Whole stacks of herbs and no fractions involved.

  9. those numbers work for twilight jasmine too. For the other 4 cata herbs you get

    5 blackfallow and 1/2 inferno per stack of herbs

  10. I knew i was right! Thanks guys for sharing your results.

    @Mox yea thats another good way to view it. If i wasnt so lazy I would make a poll to see which method reference point everyone uses:
    - 1 whiptail
    - 5 whiptails (1 mill)
    - 20 whiptails (full stack)

  11. Thanks for taking one for the team, Crit!
    (May I call you Crit?)

    Btw, only been to middle earth once, but I'm thick w/Kiwi blood and have farmer kin on the south island. Hoping to visit again sometime.

    You're the freshest voice in all of goldblogdom. Keep it up.

  12. Critical loves making up names for others (Foofy, Kathy, Bree, Moxy) ... who am I to object =). Thanks for your nice comments Midas.

    To be honest i think im being too rough on Kat. Yes I didnt like it how all through the forums he would say walls are bad/notgood but wouldnt elaborate. But in the end he finally did explain why he didnt like walls being waved around like a magic wand and I respect him for that.

    If you are reading this Kat I know I'm making it sound worse that it really is and i am sure your comment was an honest mistake like Bel's. Its one thing for Critical to stand up to authority when hes the little guy, but its another thing when hes big enough to be the bully.

    Critical was created because he hated bullies using reputation unfairly, i dont want to be that guy. Shake hands Kathroman?


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