Saturday, 12 November 2011

Critical's War (Day 8)

Day 8 of Critical's War on Terror

So 2 days ago Critical loaded up triple walls (lowest wall 25g), and yesterday loaded up a single solid wall at 24g x 4 glyphs. Plan for today? Single wall 23 x 5 glyphs.

Why 5 per glyph? Because the old triple walls will be falling off the AH soon and need to make sure the new wall and the 24g wall are strong enough to handle a full buyout attack.

Why 23g? Glad you asked. This is what the observant pro glyphers will see. A hard cap set a few days ago at 25g, and then the next day 24g and then now 23g. Everyone and anyone's grandma can see the pattern. So thats not a problem, they "know" and expect the price to drop by 1g daily. So what is Critical gonna do? Crash that price line by more than 1g! Just to screw with them! Especially during their free/active/leisure days of sat and sunday!

Of course announcing it here doesnt help my cause ... shrug if you cant beat me with all these real actual updates you really should give up glyphing now.

Why is Critical handicapping himself? To semi-scientifically prove to himself (and his loyal Critical Fans) whether his methods work. And if they do, why and how.

Enough jabbering, time to AH!

Open mail.

Send income over to Buyer (good sales today)

7 days worth of sales (next post will be reset)

Still not great prices but have to buy.
Settings for 5 x 23g wall.

Throw up 5 x 23g walls

Grab herbs and squash.

AFK ink, nite nite!


  1. Figure it's a safe bet that at least some of your competition has started reading your blog (or hearing about your strat), and knows what to expect for the next 20 days, a number will start to move to different markets until this little experiment ends. So, doing this visably will probably actually help you, no? What will be interesting to see is when they try to re-enter the market in 23 days and Critical tanks the market to the ground again.

  2. Are you confident with your 4x24 and 5x23 walls when your tripple wall expires? That's only a little over 200g to break, even if someone can sell one glyph at 150g he's already making profit (say if glyphs cost him 10g to make, that's a bit under 140g from AH and 80g in glyphs).

  3. Everyday Critical is amazed at the quality of his readers. Very good observation skills, theres no pulling a fast one over u guys.

    @Anon 1, good spot! Why does a magician ask u to memorize a card he shows u? Because he wants your focus and attention on that card and not what he's slyly doing with his other hand.

    Remember there are 2 groups of Critical Readers ... Critical's competitors and non Critical competitors. You should never reveal anything simply for ego/pride because then u are mixing/confusing business wth personal which is a big nono.

    Critical's blog provides an insight into the mind of a pro glypher to be used as a reference guide not spoon feed u. You must still think for yourself before you apply lessons learnt, to your own situation.

    @Anon2, another good spot! You're like the kid in class who's 5 questions ahead and bored with today's lesson. Day 9 sees Critical "cover his flank" (to use the phrase already coined in Day 9's post) by loading a short 2 high wall @69g for exactly the reason u mentioned.

    Have a look at my TUJs now if u can't wait (warning for future readers this link will only be relevant now for 24hrs):,Emaliec


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