Sunday, 27 November 2011

Why Co-ops Suck

Because you have to follow rules.

What happens when you break even one rule? Any and all agreements previously agreed upon, including informal non-ah related ones, are nullified instantly as we can see with Brent not wanting to tank for Foo.

Now I wont argue that co-ops dont work. Critical has never tried, how can you say caviar tastes yuck if you have never tried it.

But I mean really, how can you have fun with different posting strats if you have to follow set rules? All you can do are lame, tame, non-Critical-like stuffs. That dont sound like fun.

PS: had no idea u guys were on the same server.


  1. Just clicked the link ....the long winded post is not the same Brent as myself. There is another Brent that posts. He is the one that posted As a 'victim' of Foo's misguided attempt to teach everyone "Care Bear Economics...and he only made 82k in 4 months. Slow by my standards which is part of what he says.

    Co-op can work but I am not sure I would use it in every market. I like it in the JC market as there are lots of posters and higher volume. I am tempted to use it in the glyph market as the number of sellers has just dropped to only a couple with the research glyphs.

    It does happen that someone messes up. Normally happens as the addons change or they installed a new system. i know it has happened with me. I just ask whats up and it has always been an error. Random checking shows it has been rare to happen with the group of 5 I whitelist with but it does happen from time to time. and is easily corrected.

  2. I thought something was fishy! You can't have millions of gold and complain about farming. And 82k in 4mths is a tad tame. But didn't want to say anything as I have already used up my reader offense quota for this month.

  3. As to breaking rules that's why I only agree to price match. Whitelist the other parties and that's it. No rules about numbers of items posted, frequency of posts, undercut size, thresholds, fallbacks... Nothing, no other rules, just match the other's prices when they are the lowest and that's it.

    I mostly use it in the JC market. There's a dozen or more JCs I match with but only me and 2 others are regular major gem players. The rest are just little guys, mostly friends and materials suppliers who dabble in the gem market. I match glyph prices with 1 other scribe too (2 originally but one's been inactive for several months now).

    Brent is right sometimes errors do happen. That's no big deal and it's pretty easy to tell when someone's doing it on purpose. With my bunch when that happens it's usually because one of us bulk posted excess gems manually and typoed the price or 2 of us made manual posts at about the same time. We just laugh about stuff like that and don't even bother fixing it most of the time.

    Sometimes one of us will ask the others to temporarily suspend the agreement for a one time post of a single item so he can dump excess stock of something. That's never a problem either, it happens to all of us from time to time, we all know what's going and let him do it.

  4. @Critical : I had no idea we were the same server either; and as Brent (posting here) said; we are not.

    @Brent, thanks for clarifying the name confusion. May I recommend you also get a blogger id so that we can confirm who is who, (and as a 'bonus' you get the right to remove your own comments).

    @People who don't want to tank for me: Ok; no worries. Tank for you you want to; do what you need to. I will likely do the same.

  5. Who tanks? I am a healer all the way. Paladin and Druid both in Firelands and Rag refuses to drop any gear for my paladin.

    @Foo I typically am too lazy to look up my password and post using my name. I should change.

    @Crit...would be surprised if you could annoy me. Only thing that annoys me is a dps doing a 5man as the tank with no tank gear. Farming is an evil word. I farm the AH and that is about it. Gold making and money making in rl is about having others work for you. My real play style is about minimal AH time. Buy mats, craft, high margins...50-100g per sale. I still say not enough is ever discussed about how to buy cheap mats.

    The general theory of the need to dominate a market typically leads to less gold per sale. Coop play leads to a higher gold per sale. I find the co op style lets me post less often and still make similar gold.

    The co op style is often very good against someone trying to dominate the market. 1 person vs 5(my current co op group). If each just posts twice a night that is 10 potential times to undercut the person. I know when a long time dominate AH player came back he gave up trying to dominate the market vs our group. His old strats just didnt work. Talking to him he was frustrated yet he wouldnt join our group.

  6. I've been lurking Foo, Critical and Faid for a few weeks while I get my AH business off the ground, and have found you guys to be, in general, a riot.

    You all write well, are very articulate and speak your mind which is greatly appreciated.

    As Brent mentioned above, I'd love to see posts about how to buy cheap mats. I definitely feel that this is where I'm the weakest and have the most room for improvement.

    Thanks to all of you for the quality posts you put up both for the education and the entertainment!

  7. Thanks for the nice comments I am sure the others also appreciate them.

    Yup saw Brent's comment and have prepped a Buying post because I love Critical Readers. It's not tomorrow's post, but the day after. Nothing complex or tricky, Critical doesnt know special tricks.


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