Wednesday, 23 November 2011

How-To Production Queue via Mailbox

Today's post is quick and dirty because Critical is sleepy.

A production queue is where you "queue" up mass amounts of mats in a crafting alt's mailbox. End result, mailbox full of mats waiting to be processed:

When you have collected a crapload of mats and are ready to go to bed, unload the mats and start an afk craft queue:

Wake up, brush your teeth. Put your pants on and BAM. Who doesnt like to wake up to a few bags full of inks ready for glyphing:

Critical sure does.


  1. I follow you up to the point of the afk craft queue. How do you auto mill the herbs? I currently use Panda to speed it up, but not sure as how to set up for auto milling.

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  3. @ Troutrouter - as far as I'm aware you can not auto mill herbs in the same sense you can craft inks whilst being afk.

    I do believe there has been some open discussion on the consortium with regards to creating a macro which mills based upon movement of the mouse, but this still requires your input (and I still think this is a bit on the fence with regards to EULA)

  4. Now that makes sense. I had a brain fart.

  5. Probably a touch out of bounds according to the TOS, but Enchantix plus a programmable clicker would do the trick.

  6. Sorry was a bit lazy with writing. Point of the post was to highlight how to queue up a job using mailbox, ie keep sending the same item/job (eg pigments) to 1 alt continuously until you accumulate a large quantity. Then in 1 hit, process them all.

    Example 1: one person taking a burger order, going to the fryer and frying the meat pattie and then assembling the burger and receive payment and issue out the burger.

    Example 2: 5 different employees handling a different task each and are very good at their job.

    To see how Critical does milling search for How-To Mass Mill. No afk bannable tricks, that would be silly.


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