Friday, 11 November 2011

Critical's War - Why the Single 24g Wall?

Yesterday Critical threw up a single 4x 24g wall and didnt really get time to go into detail why.

So anyway some quick background info. There already was a triple wall up (25g, 39g, 89g). The purpose of the solid single wall of 24g was to:
- patch/fill any gaps/holes in the 25g wall
- maintain a low price point for all glyphers to brawl below, among themselves
- undercut the glyphers who undercutted my 25g glyphs by 1cp, which in turns forces them to keep up the downward spiral

Why? What's the purpose? Come, play some games with Critical. THIS WILL BLOW YOUR MIND.

Scenario 1:
- high fallback maybe 200g
- everyone plays the 1cp undercut game
- no one crashes prices down to nasty levels
No one has a problem or minds undercutting because if you spend time "working hard" and undercut and "win", you get "good" single glyph sales eg 190g or 100g or 90g.

Scenario 2:
- solid wall of all glyphs set at 24g x 4 (reset/buyout cost of 96g)
- a second wall at 39g (which discourages a reset/buyout because no one will "invest" 96g to sell for glyphs 39g)
- everyone still playing the 1cp undercut game

Noticed the difference yet? Yup you got it. In Scenario 2 all the other glyphers still continue to play the 1cp game (because thats the only strat they know lol). They're fighting exactly just as hard as in Scenario 1 but the difference is, now they're getting peanuts because their sales are somewhere between lets say 15g to 22.7g (23.9g - success fee = 22.7g). Nowhere close to the 200g that they were used to.

After a few days the smart, lazy ones cotton on that something's not quite right and go ... WTF happen to my GPH DAMMIT??!! Watefs, let them fight I'll go sell gems.

BOOYA. Critical wins teh internet!

Come on admit it, that was good, give Critical +1rep!! Subscribe and feed the Critical Monster today!!!!! Where else can you find an advance/pro glyph blog that updates daily (sometimes twice!). Gotcha Mox! Point of Difference right there! You just got challenged!

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  1. I've done something like scenario 2 before just to keep myself from drowning in BF inks (I was focusing on Darkmoon Fair Cards). It's amazing how much fast glyphs move when they're so cheap.


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