Sunday, 13 November 2011

Critical's War (Day 9)

Day 9 of Critical's War on Terror

After clearing mail then conducted a status scan and also checked out TUJ. As of the scan, Hottempered is the "highest" threat. Time to focus fire.

Day 8.5 spent some time resupplying.

Start of Day 9, open mail.

Doh more mail to clear, afk cuppa time.

Week 2 - 1 day worth of sales.

Send gold to Buyer (always leave around 50g on Sellers).

Gotta buy gotta buy =(

Hottempered's TUJ
1. Sort by Buyout to see what sort of pricing is being used.
2. Alot of her auctions are the cheapest at time of scan.
3. Focus fire on this competitor, choose a good price point
to wall at the block majority of sales without going too low. 

21g wall settings.

Post up 21g wall.

Hmm a competitor could easily buy these 4 out and relist
a single at 200g. Need to protect flank. Do this by installing
a short high wall, for example below 2x 69g. This prevents
smarty pants from buy out my cheap low wall and relisting high.

69g wall settings.

Critical likes!

Grab the bought herbs, squash then afk ink. Bed.


  1. So I have a launched a wall of 25gx4 of every glyph.. I have been made about 400g yesterday my first day of the launch.. What should I do now? I am being undercut on like 20 differnt sets of glyphs.. but not all.

  2. Take down the wall. Do a search on floors and ceilings and start with that so u can see who are your main competitors. That's what Critical would do.


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