Sunday, 13 November 2011

How-To Focus Fire a Competitor

(See Bolded header below for the actual How-To if you want to skip the intro)

The War updates actually take up more time that I thought they would. This How-To guide describes how to focus fire on one competitor, in this example it's Hottempered:

Why focus fire Hottempered you ask? Have a look at her TUJ. See the pattern? (look at the red circles duh). Critical can think of two possible reasons for her having and selling 5 per glyph:
1. her restock level is 5
2. these are glyphs crafted during a inscription levelling process (because you need to make 5 of one to gain access to the next recipe)

When is the best time to "convince" a scribe to give up their market share? Before they even start glyphing of course. How? Create Barriers to Entry and Anti-Competitive practices. For glyphs one bully tactic is deny majority of sales.

This leads us back to Hottempered. Critical has already installed a 21g wall in place to block most of her sales, now we are going to block the rest that have not been. This will shutdown between 95-99% of her sales which will hopefully portray glyphs (to her) as a bad GPH market (which is obviously good for Critical).

Focus Fire definition: To target a single individual and undercut only their auctions.

The TSM settings to Focus Fire a competitor is as follows:
- wall size depends on the price point. 4 glyph wall if price is low eg 15g, 2 glyph wall if medium or high price
- undercut by 1cp
- threshold 1,000g
- fallback 1,000g
- advance/reset set to Do not post
- go to Options > Blacklist > Add Player Name then add Hottempered

- click Auction Post button and watch the scans, do not click Post immediately
- click Show Auctions and check that you are posting/undercutting only the Target (still dont click Post yet)
- look at your target's Buyout price and make a decision whether to Post or Skip
- if the price point is low ie 5g then click Skip, let them sell it for peanuts
- if the price point is at a price you want to block eg 20g then click Post

TSM settings for focus fire.

Add target to blacklist.

Warning: remember to remove target from Blacklist after finishing your Focus Fire.

And there you have it! Insta block for one target. Yes you can call it bullying if you want to, no Critical does not lose sleep. He sleeps very well actually thank you for asking. Remember, this person has no qualms undercutting me and everyone else by 1cp all day long if they could...

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  1. I don't bully little guys. Never have, never will.

    Besides not being nice it can backfire badly. That's the mistake the bot made with me. He tried to bully me out of gems when epic gems were all I sold and wound up creating his own worst nightmare.

    I expanded exponentially, invaded all the markets he controlled, dropped prices and took market share from him everywhere.

    Two years later I'm still here but the bot couldn't take the heat anymore and server transferred.

  2. Critical never really understood why u guys follow that logic. Why is it "bad" to block someone else's sales? That person does exactly that to me and the rest of the sellers when they relist/undercut all the time. The only difference in the above is I am targeting 1 person whereas they are willy nilly blocking everyone.

  3. In response to your response to Moxnix: It can contribute to the overall problem on your server and make it worse.

  4. What overall problem are u referring to?

    On a separate note, remember that Wow's AH is an open and free market. Critical provides a service by crafting not easily attainable items and supplying to the public. In return I earn a little gold and am happy. Anyone can do the same as I do. But your problem is your amount of greed is high. You (the greedy sellers) want to be paid too highly.

    That's why if someone in India or the Philippines can do your job cheaper, it gets outsourced. Or why manufacturing jobs go to China.

    I also dont agree with Mox's logic that we (in his example, the bot) should not try to be competitive because we "might" get smashed back by a stronger competitor (Mox). Foo has in the past also preached exactly the same thing.

    In Critical's humble opinion I believe this is bad advice to give to budding goblins. The great business leaders of today have companies which became and maintain market leader status because they are not afraid of competition, they aim high and work hard to compete and achieve their goals. They did not say "oooh we better not compete against that guy because he might come and fight back and god forbid, actually own us". Its a given the other guy will fight back. If he doesnt, he doesnt deserve his market share.

    Critical has no problem with competition and in fact loves competition, but you must earn your right to compete. You dont get to stay because you are little and Critical has a policy he doesnt bully little guys. You get to stay because you are a tough ass mofo that works almost as hard as Critical, or if you work harder than Critical you get to be number 1.

    Come on guys, lets be honest. What is the difference between Hottempered (or anyone else "little" just because they sell lets say only 50 glyphs) undercutting me, from me undercutting them, just because Critical does it with surgical precision?

    Why should the "little guy" be sheltered and shielded and allowed high profits, instead of having to compete in a natural, free, open market just like everyone else? Critical has the same restrictions as everyone.

    Obviously you can play the AH however way you want and if one of your rules is "I dont bully little guys" thats fine (Crazy Critical throws away infernos) but do you really believe what you are preaching is correct? That you should think twice about being competitive because you might get smashed?

    I honestly really dont get it.


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