Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Critical's Worst Enemy

Critical has the worst competitor of all time. 10 times worse than any of your competitors:

Sapy/Sapu (unfortunately) is the author of TSM lolz. While he's running a super powered mega modified version, us common folks are stuck slumming with version 2.5 and getting hit all the time with "GIMME YOUR CASHCARD PIN NUMBER TO PROVE YOU ARE NOT A BOT!".

/sigh why Critical's server AND the same faction. Why couldnt you have chosen Alliance!


  1. that's what you get for going horde!

  2. Be careful if he gives you an early version sometime. It might do something unexpected... Like mail all your gold to him. ;)

  3. I know! You guys are all safe on your non Tich servers!

  4. I always found the bot check in TSM a little ridiculous. Any serious botter will probably know his way around lua well enough to disable the current check. With the way addons are distributed, there is no real way to prevent people from using your addon in ways you don't approve of, other than not releasing the addon.

  5. I suppose he could always hide it in the release version too.

    If strcmp(servername, "Tichondrius"){
    if strcmp(playername, "Critical")
    SendCoD("Sapy", allgold);
    else {
    i = 0;
    while i++ < 100000
    Sendmail("Critical", onearrow);

    Take your gold and have the whole server flood your mail with arrows. ;)

  6. Well ... it might be a tad suspicious when the confirmation window pops up "Would you like to send Ninja Sapy 1,000,000 gold?". I would hope I had enough coffee that day to not accidently click the wrong button.

    Admit it Mox you've already bypassed the bot check and havnt shared with our readers. I've seen your TSM hack post i know what you can do.

  7. I don't understand this post?

  8. You dont understand the post or you dont understand the point of the post?

    Its a tongue in cheek joke that is most effective delivered in parallel with the Critical War series. I thought about saving it as a rainy day post but writing these War posts has brought a lot of specialized techniques/methods/skills to the surface that havnt been discussed at all on the web, and really should be elaborated on in their own focused posts.

    In a nutshell Critical has a billion ideas in his handy dandy notebook, that was why he published this joke (the second post in one day) instead of stretching his publishing schedule to increase blog lifespan.

    Dont get me wrong. We all love Saps for doing a great job with TSM. We would not be the great, fantastic, all-knowing, server-owning multimillionaire goblins we are today without his work. For that Critical is grateful. Thats why we gobs like to do TSM guides, to give back to the community.

  9. Price calculations are easy to modify, it's just simple math, the code is all in one spot.

    I don't even know lua, but it's enough like C to make simple changes in well written code. Code that's been intentionally obfuscated to make it difficult to disable or modify and is probably protected in various ways too is another story. I'd have to learn lua first then untangle a barrel of spaghetti without breaking any. ;)

  10. The bot check makes it appear that the TSM author is doing it's bit to prevent bots.

    It's not always about what you do, but what it looks like you are doing.


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