Monday, 28 November 2011

Week 12 Blog Stats

Another week another blog stat post. Happy to see things returning to normal and not regressing due to bad publicity. Week 12 ending 26 November 2011:

In general most of my new posts start off with around 50 to 100 page views each, which is cool for a new blog. I dont know what happens on other blogs but the interesting thing is they continue to climb as time passes, I believe as new readers go backwards and read old posts:

What it highlights is that post quality is very important. If the post you release today is of poor quality and it only garners semi interest now, it will definitely not be interesting (and therefore read again) later by any reader (new and old).


PS: If you're new and wondering what these blog stats posts are about, its primarily a post about the blog itself rather than on topic glyphs/gold/competition. The things I talk about here may be confusing if you are not a blog author. Dont worry if your eyes are glazed just stick around for tomorrow's post. Oh and of course dont forget to say hihi if you're new!

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